Guess what Mary-Kate and Ashley eat for breakfast?

24 October 2008


Not since the days of Jessica and Elizabeth in Sweet Valley High have a set of twins held such a fascination for us as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We study pictures in minute detail, devour interviews, and yes, we even watched the cinematic masterpiece (ahem...) that was New York Minute. So the news that the girls were appearing on Oprah to promote their new style book, Influence, was announced in the Grazia office to sounds of unadulterated glee. With the girls looking fabulous (obvs), Oprah decided to avoid the boring topics (did Mary-Kate really have an eating disorder? How well did Mary-Kate really know Heath Ledger? Does Ashley wish she was Mary-Kate a little bit?), and instead concentrated on such delights as what do the girls eat for breakfast? Well, ask you might Oprah, and boy are we glad you did. Ashley, admits she likes a double toasted bagel and coffee with soy milk (for lactose, not calorie reasons), whereas Mary-Kate prefers to sit down to eat a spinach omelette. Who knew? Hurrah for the Olsens - and the Influence publicity campaign! [Huffington Post]


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