Michelle O & Sarah P: now it's Fashion-gate! (VIDEO)

23 October 2008


She might not believe in dinosaurs, but it seems that she now believes in designer labels... Details emerged today revealing that, since Sarah 'I'm just a hocky mum' Palin became Joe McCain's running-mate in August, a whopping £92,000 has been spent on revamping her wardrobe -- that's (as the Americans say, do the math, people) around £1,540 A DAY. Which must buy you a whole stateful of novelty Alaska earrings and red suits of a quality that the Saturday Night Live wardrobe department can knock-off in a weekend.

Yep, while we all love, love, love shopping (who wouldn't say no to a £30,000 blow-out in the NY branch of Saks?), In These Credit Crunch Times, Sarah's spending has gone down about as well her Katie Couric interview [link to it!]. Because at the same time this super-cute Access Holllywood interview with the Obamas has popped up again where the infinitely more stylish Michelle O (who famously wore H&M) is extolling the virtues of a £15 Gap sundress. ‘Fortunately now they make really pretty stuff at all price ranges. [Barack] will be happy to know that this is, like, a $30 dress,' she says before pointing out her husband's belt, shoes and trousers need replacing because he just doesn't shop. ‘Mommy always shops at GAP,' her daughter Sasha then chips in. Sweet! And at this stage of the election (12 days to go!) the Republicans need to avoid any whiff of scandal. Even if it comes in a lovely Bloomingdales brown bag...


PS: What's the heck is Sarah spending?

£30,470 in Saks in NY

£46, 229 in Neiman Marcus 

£5823 in Macy's

£486 in Barney's NY

£3144 in Bloomingdales

£2906 on hair and make-up

The Obamas discuss dressing on a budget [Huffington Post]


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