Karl talks marriage with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

22 October 2008


Oh, Olsen twins. Let us count the ways we love you... Starting that leggings as trousers trend, making it ok to leave the house with grunged-up hair, designing that black tuxedo jacket for The Row, refusing to give up your Starbucks addiction, oh and how could we forget that tweenagers dancing video that always cheers up our day. Well now we have another thing to add to the list. Mary-Kate and Ashley launch their first book Influence tomorrow, in which they've interviewed the designers, models and artists who have influenced and moulded the pint-size stylish duo into who they are today. We're talking John Galliano, Christian Louboutin, Diane Von Furstenburg, model Lauren Hutton and of course Karl Lagerfeld. Now we were fully prepared to log on to Amazon tomorrow, even to wait the two weeks for the coffee-table essential to wing it's way across the Atlantic (there's no release date for the book here yet), but what's the harm in having a sneak peek. If it's already leaked onto the internet. He talks diets (sugar and cheese are out!) and about how models should stay silent but here's the absolute genius gem from MK&A's chat with Uncle Karl:

KL: I like more classic [shapes] now. Best thing to do for skinny people to wear tight dresses. Although jeans are becoming too tight.
AO: Ah! Yes, it's becoming a problem. It's the worst.
KL: You can kill yourself in these jeans.
MKO: Ha, I'd rather stay inside with my friends than limp out in tight trousers.
KL: Maybe you'll stay inside with a baby. Do you want to get married? Children? Two perfect mums, yes?
[Mary-Kate and Ashley look at each other]
KL: Ah! Don't worry, you have time. You're young. Don't you want to get married?
MKO: I don't feel the need to get married. But Ashley wants children. I'll be a great aunt or godmother.
AO: To my child.
KL: [To Ashley] Are you planning?
AO: No. I don't even have a boyfriend. You have to plan that first, right? Figure that out first?
KL: If you get a boyfriend it doesn't mean that! Today you can have a baby first. If you want. I never liked the idea of a family at all. If it's a woman - it's more fun for a woman.
[The Cut]


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