Nicolas Ghesquière on why we should all wear latex

20 October 2008


We love a good fashion justification. You know when you convince yourself that a £1,500 leather jacket is a worthy wardrobe addition because you'll wear it every day from March-November, which is nine months, which is like, just over a fiver a wear, so if you sacrifice your Starbucks addiction... Anyway, we digress. Balenciaga genius Nicolas Ghesquière has provided us with our favourite fashion logic of the day - that it's not only fashion-forward to squeeze yourself into his latest latex collection, it's ethical too: ‘I'm not saying I'm Stella McCartney or anything but although it's not seen that way, latex is, in fact, very noble because it comes from trees. It's a natural texture.' And there you were thinking wearing latex would make you feel like you belonged in Soho. Not so! ‘Usually latex evokes sex and S&M but I didn't want it to say that at all. The rubber is not intended to touch the skin, there is silk in between. It's a softer image, not about fetishism at all.' Which leaves us lusting after the melted latex, hand-sprayed Chinese dragon jackets. Now, how can we do fashion maths on that? [The Independent]


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