Three's a trend, five's a rock tee epidemic!

08 October 2008


So you're a celeb with a wardrobe that most of us would die for. Every day you wake up to the sound of your lovely assistant cutting the box-fresh labels off yet another gleaming outfit (maybe). Then one morning, you flip. You think, "You know what? I am so bored of LV! I've had all the Gucci a girl can take! If I see another more one-of-a-kind McQueen I'll scream! Hmmm... What can I wear to show just how rebellious and edgy I'm feeling today? To prove to the General Public that I have taste all of my own that hasn't just been lifted from the catwalk? Oh! I know! A vintage rock'n'roll T-shirt. It'll show everyone that I can just 'throw something on'. Like that Agyness Deyn."   Or maybe it's just de rigueur to give HMV vouchers in Tinsel Town these days.     Anyhow, in the last week we've had :

  • LiLo in Iron Maiden (no doubt to get you thinking that her new album Spirit In The Dark - which we cannot WAIT for - could have a hard edge despite the fact she's described it as "kind of Kylie Minogue-meets-Rhianna") 
  • VB in Madonna (probably hoping Madge will return the compliment and wear a Spice Girls one the next time she hits Hyde Park) 
  • Sam Ronson in Guns'n'Roses/ Led Zeppelin (next on bro Mark's 'To Remix' list?) 
  • Kylie in Police (love her, but would have loved it sooo much more if she'd worn a vintage Jason Donovan one) 
  • Sharon Stone in The Beatles (nice try, but that won't get you free Stella Scarpa Platform Pumps)

What next? Alexa in Arctic Monkeys? Gwynnie in Coldplay? Peaches in Chester French ( that is, if they're big enough to have merchandise)? Urgh who knows. If it's good enough for that lot, we'll be rocking it by the end of the week. Where's the nearest HMV again?


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