What's Fergie doing on the FROW?

11 September 2008


Oh, we love politics. Normally that means we spend our mornings intellectually musing on Brown, Blair and the intricacies of the Planning Reform Bill (natch), but in Fashion Week? As if! So let's turn our attentions to the politics of the FROWS (Front Row dwellers) instead. Last night was Michael Kors (we really want the blue bodycon dress, BTW), and the FROWS were out in force: Kim Cattrall, Jane Krakowski (from 30 Rock and Ally McBeal. Keep up, folks), Camilla Al-Fayed, Anna Wintour (obv), Lauren Bush, Donald Trump and his wife Melania (we would not have wanted to be sat behind her. That hat's so wide, you could block the view of at least 5 models for the poor person behind)... And Fergie. Yep, Sarah Ferguson. Or, as she described herself on The Duchess In Hull: "Diana was my sister-in-law. You've heard of the Queen of England have you? The Queen was my mother-in-law". Now we're not going to make any witchy comments (we'll leave The Daily Mail to do that) because we rather like Sarah, but how random? Seeing as she turned up with US TV style expert Robert Verdi (think: America's Gok Wan), we can only hope she's making a documentary about fashwan. The Duchess Wears Prada? With Kate and Chelsy as roving reporters a la Alexa Chung? OMG, someone call the commissioning editors at Channel 4 NOW.


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