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19 September 2013 by

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1. Model breakfast

My essentials for the day. During fashion week the days are really long. I was out at castings sometimes for at least 12 hours of the day. Every morning I need to have a bowl of porridge, so I topped mine with plenty of fruit, nuts and seeds to keep me going until I had another chance to eat. As a model you cannot survive without your phone. Whether it’s for last minute castings, jobs or fittings or for using Google maps to guide you to the next place, it’s quite impossible to survive without it.

2. Castings

On Tuesday I started castings. This was my first of the day so I was so nervous. It’s a weird feeling being judged on your walk and before I felt all shaky, which isn't great when you have to walk in high heels.

3. School

Before fashion week I had been at school 3 days then had to have the week off. Thankfully Tuesday and Wednesday wasn't too hectic so when I got back to the flat I tried to get a bit of schoolwork done before going to bed.

4. Shoreditch shopping

Before fashion week started there were fewer castings as many of the girls and casting directors were still in New York. So I had the rare chance of a spare hour or two. I was in Shoreditch so did a bit of shopping and had a look round Box Park. What I love about modelling is that you get to go to places you wouldn't normally go to, and when you're on your own it's the best time to explore.

5. Another casting

Here I am at one of the castings where I had to wait forever! They really vary in length from just a minute or two to sometimes at least an hour. I met another girl from Premier called Jacqueline. As the wait was so long it is always nice to have a chat with the other models to see how they are getting on, comparing how castings went and where you are going next. It makes the waiting go by so much more quickly.

6. 20 castings!

Thursday started to get very busy, I counted at least 20 castings, plus the extra castings jobs and fittings I found out during the day. So thankfully I got a car for the day and a driver to take me around. It was far less tiring and it was nice to have someone to chat to as it gets very boring by yourself all the time. The number of castings was madness, as you're expected to be in so many places at once which is impossible.

7. LFW goodies

To keep us looking our best, Premier gave all the models LFW goodie bag which were filled with lots of lovely skincare products. What's really nice about fashion week is that there is always free food and snacks to pick up at the various castings and shows, which I needed very regularly to keep my energy levels up during the day.

8. Winter warmers

The weather during fashion week was TERRIBLE! It wouldn't stop raining, so on this particular day I obviously felt just as miserable and decided to wear a typical 'model outfit' of all black. A comfy pair of shoes is a must too, blisters are the last things I would have wanted when walking all day.

9. Markus Lupfer

So on Saturday I had a job! It was my first ever presentation for Markus Lupfer. The day before I went for the hair and makeup styling so I met everyone there….they were all the loveliest of people. The presentation was so good- We were just told to have fun and play around with the set (in a 90’s teenage bedroom). The clothes at Markus Lupfer were really cool. I had such shoe envy during the presentation of a pair that one of the other girls was wearing, if only I could afford them!

10. Temperley

Sunday was a big day for me as I got my first show. I didn't believe Sissy, my booker, at first when she told me -as I had already been to a couple of fit to confirms for other shows and then didn't get the show. So this was a big shock! I am in love with the outfit that I was wearing and it made me feel amazing walking down the catwalk, you get such a buzz! I will never forget my first show, which was such a lovely one to do. When I went in to Premier earlier in the day they suggested that my mum could come and watch the show, so of course I rang her and she was straight down on the train. I missed her so much being away from home so it was so lovely for her to come and watch me.

11. Temperley

Here is a picture of me with Alice Temperley . She is an amazing woman and was so lovely and encouraging at my first show. She really boosted my confidence by choosing me as when you go to so many castings and don't get any shows you start to feel rather disheartened. What I love about modelling is all the people that you meet. At Temperley I also met Lisa Eldridge the makeup artist who was also so amazing and so nice.

12. Huishan Zhang

So on Monday was the Huishan Zhang presentation. His clothes were so intricate and smothered in Swarovski crystals, which also required two people to change me between outfits. For the presentation we had to stand for three minutes then get changed and stand again for three minutes, then repeat the whole thing three times. At the end we then got told to stand still on the spot for 20 minutes, which really makes you feel funny. The bright lights made my eyes start to ache but the beautiful hair, makeup and outfits made up for it.

13. Thomas Tait

It was Tuesday and London fashion week was coming to an end. After a long week I had my final show for Thomas Tait in the morning. The call time at 9am was a little too early for my liking, but the thought of going home later to my own bed and walking down the catwalk again made me get up. Also it’s a good job we wear makeup, otherwise I would have looked like a walking zombie. I don't think I have ever felt this tired and exhausted. The clothes that I wore for this show were white, so I had to wear the most attractive bag over my head when changing. Oh the perks of being a model!

As part of our #Grazia360 extravanganza, we're taking you on an all-angles tour of fashion weeks around the world. So far, there's been exclusive chats with the likes of Victoria Beckham backstage and Harry Styles on the FROW - but what's fashion week-ing like for the models who are working the catwalk?

We turned to Thea Hudson, represented by Premier Model Management, for her take on the action. This is Thea's first season at London Fashion Week so you can imagine her excitement at being part of the action, but there was many long hours too. 'I was out at castings sometimes for at least 12 hours of the day. Every morning I need to have a bowl of porridge, so I topped mine with plenty of fruit, nuts and seeds to keep me going until I had another chance to eat,' Thea told us.

Thea also admits that she was nervous about her first few castings. 'It’s a weird feeling being judged on your walk and I felt all shaky, which isn't great when you have to walk in high heels!'. But by Saturday, she'd booked her first LFW job - Markus Lupfer's presentation. 'I had such shoe envy during the presentation... if only I could afford them!'

The up-and-comer also met Alice Temperley and walked for Thomas Tait. Click through Thea's exclusive diary above to see LFW through her eyes... 

Thea Hudson is represented by Premier Model Management


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