Angela Scanlon's FROW Dos And Don'ts: What You Should & Shouldn't Do At Fashion Week

13 September 2013 by

Angela Scanlon is a fashion broadcaster, trend forecaster, writer and one of the freshest faces on the front row, which makes her the perfect candidate to talk fashion week dos and don'ts. With the London fun kicking into action today, we asked Angela for her tips on what you should and shouldn't do when FROWing...

Dos and Don’ts of the FROW

It’s that time of year again. Where did the summer go?! I know it’s wrong to think never mind say it out loud but I’m thankful for the overcast skies and the odd shower, it allows us to wipe the brow, justify buying a new coat (or two) and do what we do best… layer. But this week is not about layering, well it is but it’s also about clashing and matching and mixing and minimising. It’s contradictory but get used to it, that’s fashion. And as with every fashion week I look forward most to the pageantry, the ‘peacocking’ as Suzy Menkes would call it, the dressing up, navigating cautiously over cobblestones and basking in the glory of ridiculous creative brilliance. If you’re lucky enough to be heading for Somerset House this week, familiarise yourself with these dos and don’ts...

? DO ?

1. Smile. It’s underrated.

2. Keep your iPhone, Blackberry whatever handy. Great for stalking, sartorial perving.

3. Make sure your knickers aren’t visible. Nobody needs to see that.

4. Take your shades off. You look like a d**khead, or Kanye West.

5. Ask twenty questions to your neighbour. It’s as satisfying as asking a taxi driver if they’ve had a busy night.

6. Practice your poker face. It’s personal and pressurised for the designer in question. Keep your judgement to yourself during the show.

7. Bring flats in your bag so you don’t have to hobble home.

8. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting on benches, sometime LOW benches. Unless you’re happy flashing acres of skin approach shorts and minis with caution. (see knickers above)

9. Bring snacks. Food is scarce and time is ticking…

? DON’T ?

1. Arrive too early. The term ‘fashionably late’ was coined during fashion week and with London traffic it’s an inevitability. Billy no mate front-rowing is not the vibe.

2. Use twitter to complain about late running shows, crowded seats or sore feet. Only your mother should have to head your moaning.

3. Take selfies. It’s not about you, love!

4. Steal someone else's seat and hope no one notices. They will.

5. Fart. The tents are too small.

6. Don’t ask for autographs. It’ll give up the game.

7. Lose your s**t with the PRs. They’re working as hard as they can. A smile will help things along quicker than a glare.

8. If you’re lucky enough to get a goodie bag, refrain from rooting through it until after the show.

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