What's In A Name? Why I'll Be Keeping My Maiden Name

03 February 2014 by

What's In A Name? Why I'll Be Keeping My Maiden Name

Should We Keep Our Maiden Names? [Rex]

The French have chalked up more feminism points by announcing that – unless specified otherwise – married women will be addressed by their maiden names in official documents.

Unless you include the couple of years I spent writing ‘Mrs Ronan Keating’ onto the lid of my desk, I’ve never quite understood the assumption that we all want to take our husband’s name.

I was given my name before I could even sit up, let alone spell 'sisterhood', and I’m pretty attached to it. Everything I’ve ever written, signed or achieved has been linked to it – but this isn’t the point I’m trying to make. Of course, should you choose to take your partner’s surname, that’s completely up to you. What I object to is the assumption that every married woman will have done this – so I applaud the French for doing the opposite. It gives me the same pleasure of checking into a hotel with my boyfriend, and them assuming he must be ‘Mr Dening’. Right on.

It’s in line with their decision two years ago to remove the ‘mademoiselle’ tickbox from the list of possible prefixes, with the Prime Minister of the time declaring a woman’s marital status meant sod all when it came to her making official decisions.

Over here, of course, we’re spoilt for choice, with ‘Mrs/Miss/Ms’ options. Which do you go for? While it might be slightly awkward to pronounce, I’m a big fan of ‘Ms’, as I’m not sure my opinions on anything are affected by whether or not I’m in a relationship – aside from perhaps how often the bathroom ought to be cleaned.


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