What If The Wolf Of Wall Street Was Made By Women?

04 March 2014 by

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the biggest films of the year, scoring big at both the box office and with critics. But one criticism levelled at the film is that it glorifies a debauched lifestyle – particularly sexist and misogynistic behaviour.

Now, director Nicole Donadio has created ‘The Women of Wall Street’ – a scene for scene recreation of the Wolf of Wall Street trailer with just one difference – all the gender roles are reversed.

So instead of scantily clad women writhing on desks and having rolls of bank notes tapes to their torso, it’s men stripping off to their underwear and wrapping themselves in dollar bills. Meanwhile the women neck champagne, hang each other over balconies, drive (and crash) fast cars, and throw money around like confetti.  

Writing on her blog, Nicole – who says she enjoyed the original film - explained: 'The Wolf of Wall Street is the ultimate example of celebrating male debauchery. But why can men behave like this? Why can’t a girl or woman step outside of what is acceptable without facing scrutiny or be accused of being “unladylike.”'

She says the video is there for people to draw their own conclusions. 'All I did was swap male roles for female without any other explanation. I wanted to have fun, and explore what people thought of this reversal. Would they find it funny, disturbing, or unbelievable?'

Leo finds it funny.

To date, the parody has clocked up over 287,000 views on Youtube – but Nicole doesn’t expect to see a film about female stockbrokers any time soon. 'Would anyone ever make this movie? Probably not. Most of society feels women aren’t supposed to act this way, but in my world for a brief 2 and ½ minutes, they can.'

Not everyone agrees. Some of the comments posted on Youtube so far include “most women are stupid and unfunny” and “go back to the kitchen.” Speaking of the reaction Nicole says: 'It merely proves why this video was a good idea.'


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