Your Top 5 Reactions To Jennifer Aniston Chatting To Adele At The 2013 Oscars

26 February 2013 by

The moment Adele and Jennifer Aniston chatted on the red carpet at the Oscars was one of our fave candid shots from the 2013 Academy Awards. It only comes behind when Jennifer Lawrence meets Jack Nicholson and when Jen fixed Justin Theroux's bow-tie. N'awww.

But what we all want to know is what did they say to each other? Is Adele simply waving or is she giving a hand singal as some of Grazia's readers suggest? We hope that Adele remembered that her name is JENNIFER this time, as back in 2011 she met the Friends star in a loo and accidentally called her Rachel.

Well we asked you, our dear readers, over on Grazia UK's Facebook to join in a game of 'caption this' and boy, did you come up with some good'uns. Below are 5 of our favourite comments, drum roll please...

1. Stephanie Campbell

'Jen, girl, look at my hand. It's a llama. She says hi to you!'

2. Rachel Church

'Tough luck sweetie, I'm getting one!'

3. Rosie Melton

 'I told a story on the Graham Norton show about hearing you pee, I really hope you didn't see it'!

4. Katie Grant

'Oh look it's Rachel from friends!!'

5. Aoiffe Madden

'Reeeeally? Brads was only this size?! Thought as much! Better off without him love!'

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