The Rise Of The Status Bum: Here's Why We're All Talking About Kim Kardashian's Bottom

25 April 2014 by

You go to the gym, you do squats, you eat right… and you still can't get the round Kim Kardashian bum of your dreams? You're not alone.

Our glutes are the hardest muscle to train. Infact, L.A.-based strength and conditioning specialist Holly Perkins has told Women's Health that getting a Kim K bum is so hard it's the 'final frontier' for even the most fanatic of fitness junkies.

'The booty is like the final frontier," says Holly. "As you reach your ultimate level of fitness, 99 percent of your body will reflect this, while the last 1 percent will linger in your glutes. The true test of a woman's commitment to strategic eating and intelligent fitness is the quality of her glutes and hamstrings.'

Plus, it turns out that it's even trickier to get a booty like Kardashian if you have an office job. If we've not trained our glutes right, the hours spent stuck in our desk chairs cause the muscles to get a bit lethargic. They sit back in their haunches and let our hamstrings and lower-back muscles take on all their jobs. The result? Something called 'gluteal amnesia' - basically a lazy pancake bum.

It's no surprise then, that we're all so entranced by the transformation of Kim K's bum. Always impressive, it's gone from a soft round rump to a rotund, pert derriere over the years. Most of us a) aren't at our ultimate level of fitness b) work in office jobs and c) can't afford expensive enhancing techniques - so attaining a transformation even close to the likes of Kim's is out of our reach.

And so the 'status bum' is born, belonging to only those with the time, money and willpower to spend days hiking in the Hollywood hills rather than staring at a computer screen. Boo.

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