The Little Mermaid Wants Equal Pay: Here's 5 Of the Best Feminist Parodies

27 August 2013 by

The Little Mermaid

She might have got lost along the way - trading in your voice for a man is hardly the feminist statement of the century - but the Little Mermaid is finally singing about more than just thingamebobs. Yep, now, she really does want more: pay that is. Or, more specifically, equal pay to the men in her life. Last week, the famous red-head mermaid's representatives, a feminist group who call themselves Disney Princesses, released their first video featuring a new version of that well know Disney choon, 'Part Of Your World'. And we love it.

So to celebrate it, we thought we'd hunt down the best feminist parodies of late. Take a peek...

1. Nellie McKay - Mother Of Pearl.

This sarcastic poke at anti-feminists is a gem. Watch. It. Now.

2. Women's Suffrage - Bad Romance.

A modern parody of the fight for women to gain the vote in America. And effortlessly done.

3. Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" Sexy Boys Parody by Mod Carousel.

It's that Robin Thicke video - with a gender-based twist.

4. The Feminist Make-Up Tutorial.

Example: “Next we’re going to use a light foundation. Make sure you give every part of your face a fair and equal amount of representation, unlike the government and prime time television.” Need we say more?

5. Finally, the Disney Princesses.

... Showing us how it's done best. Favourite line: "What's a penis and why does it - what's the word? - EAARRRNNNN?"




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