The Female Banksy: 5 Things You Need To Know About Street Artist Bambi

19 March 2013

This week in the magazine we’ve got an exclusive interview with the street artist Bambi who’s been described as ‘The Female Banksy’. Here’s 5 things you need to know about her...

1. She’s ‘the female Banksy’

It was none other than David Dimbleby who gave her this moniker. Her graffiti technique – stencil and spray paint – is similar to Banksy as is her use of zeitgeisty subject matter (from David Beckham to Amy Winehouse) and the fact her identity is kept under wraps.

2. The celebs love her

Her artwork has been collected by Brad and Ange, Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Adele, to name a few.

3. Her artwork sells for thousands

Brad Pitt shelled out £60,000 for her Kate and Wills piece and her works have gone for anything from £30,000 to £100,000. A snip.

4. She used to be singer

Under a cloud of mystery, she reveals more about her musical past in our exclusive interview. Could 'Saffron from Republica morphs into world class graffiti artist' be just a dream? (Yes, clearly).

 5. You can see more of her artwork...

Here...via Walton Fine Arts. 

For more on Bambi, pick up this week's issue.


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Walton Fine Arts (Sat Apr 13 13:43:15 BST 2013): Great article thank you - check all original artworks by Bambi exclusively at
Michael MacDonald (Thu Jun 06 21:59:52 BST 2013): Bambi first "street Art" at auction.
Bambi Street Artist (Fri Jun 07 13:03:49 BST 2013): An announcement from Bambi: I am very disappointed and upset that a street piece allegedly by me on a door in Islington should now come up in an auction. A street piece is exactly that, a street piece, and meant to remain there for all to enjoy. It is not meant to be be used for profit sales unless (with my permission) the profit goes to one of my favourite charities David Dimbleby Cancer Trust or Great Ormond Street. All my work is authenticated and without a 'Certificate of Authentication' the piece remains unacknowledged.