The Bank Holiday Is Here! Here's What You'll (Probably) Be Doing This Weekend

23 May 2014 by

bank holiday

Just as the shock of going back to five day working weeks begins to subside, the Bank Holiday is back for another go - and we're pretty chuffed about it. Escaping out of the city, sunny walks in the park, beer gardens, catching up on some much needed kip... Sounds perfect doesn't it? Yeah. And we all know that it's never going to happen, either. Here's what you'll (probably) be doing instead:

1. Sitting on the M1

Heading up to the coast for a spot of sunshine and a bit of a paddle at Skeggy beach seemed like a cracking plan last week. Not so much when you're 40 minutes into a motorway traffic jam, you've run out of Haribo already and your desperation for just one a gin-in-a-tin is reaching breaking point.

2. Sitting on the floor

... of a packed train, wishing your life away. You felt so smug arriving at the station, thinking of all those chumps going nowhere fast on the A1(M). But, after being elbowed out of the running for a seat as soon as the platform was announced, you've found yourself cheek to cheek with the toilet door in the corridor of an East Coast peak train with one dead leg and a teenager playing Miley Cyrus on repeat through sound-leaking headphones for company.

3. Getting streaky tan

Shorts were drastically optimistic, and so were plans for the all-day beer garden. Now the rain has forced everyone inside the pub, where it's starting to get a bit sweaty and there's a 15 minute queue for the bar - and your perfect summer 'tan' is running down your legs and staining your Converse. Good.

4.  Wasting at least one day

We might have an extra day to play with, but chances are it's going to be spent in bed/on the sofa at your mum's/staring at the inside of a toilet. Those civilised drinks last night didn't stay civil very long, and now instead of enjoying a coffee at the local market, you're trying to suppress memories of twerking for the benefit of the entire pub and necking tequila for no good reason at 4am.

5. Avoiding your bank account

Because it's the end of the month, we're taking the phrase 'bank holiday' literally. For this weekend, we will delightedly place our heads firmly in the sand, delete all banking apps and take a well-earned vacation from balance horror stories. We deserve it.

6. Wishing you could do it all again

Maybe the weather didn't hold out, you over-did the shots and you're not only skint, but actually broke by the end of it. But, christ, bank holiday weekends are the best. Let's do it again soon, yeah?

So how will you be spending your BHW? Let us know by tweeting us @Grazia_Live


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