Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Says Internet Dating is 'Desperate'. We Disagree.

26 June 2014 by

Wimbledon Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has ignited a debate by saying, ‘I’m not that desperate,’ when asked if she would try internet dating. Dumped publically by her former fiancé, golfer Rory McIlroy due to cold feet (awkwardly only days after they had sent out invitations for their now-cancelled August wedding), Caroline is now back on the market.

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From my perspective as a thirty-something woman living, working and dating in London, Caroline's view us not only outdated, but also offensive. Internet dating arguably has nothing to do with desperation and everything to do with choice. Regardless of your profession (fashion as an industry is not so plentiful in straight, non-married men, just in case you were wondering) or social circle, you could never hope to meet such a broad selection of potential partners as you would find online.

Of course there is nothing wrong with meeting a partner offline - infact the best approach IMHO is to mix up digital dating with old fashioned face to face introductions - but in the main you are limited by your network, unless you happen across your dreamboat in a bar, airport, supermarket etc. As far as Caroline is concerned it might be time to expand her net (no pun intended) beyond sportsmen - and one of the best ways to do so is online.

Yes online dating can be majorly cringe. And yes, you do meet some strange people. But more often than not you come home with a story to tell (hilarious) and occasionally you find someone amazing.

Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Says Internet Dating is 'Desperate'. We Disagree.

Katherine Ormerod writes in defence of Internet dating [Grazia]

My mum met her husband online back I'm 1999. Well actually, I found him for her. He was the first man she met through digital dating, six months later they were engaged and they've been married for a decade. Her dating issue was that she worked in a 'young' industry in which her whole social life was full of friends who were at a different life stage - online was the easiest option for her time poor lifestyle.

Flash forward 14 years and online dating has become ubiquitous. From Tinder to, pretty much all my single girlfriends have tried it and most of them have found it empowering. Some found their boyfriend online, others love the thrill of the date chase. Very few of them are desperate. However you meet your other half there are no guarantees. They could be your childhood sweetheart, a Tinder catch or a blind date - they all have the power to break your heart or the potential to become the guy you grow old with.

'Desperation' comes from loneliness; from being afraid of singlehood; from believing your options are limited. All things that internet dating alleviate. Suggesting that women who use online sites to meet men are anxious spinsters? Now that’s desperate. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below or go to Grazia's Facebook page here.




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