Is What You Do Now As Significant As What You Post? Polly Vernon On Social Media's Developing Subtext In This Week's Grazia

14 May 2013 by

chris brown, main image

In Polly Vernon's column in this week's Grazia she discusses if what you do is now as significant as what you post. Last week @ChrisBrown unfollowed @Rihanna on Twitter, which sent signals to the world that their relationship is over. In her column Polly asks what we can learn from this high-profile Twitter de-follow.

Well it is all about social media's developing subtext. Polly points out that there is such a thing as the 'Tactical Instagram Like' which can be used as a smoothing-over strategy. She writes: 'Worried you might have affronted someone in some delicate way you don't want to verbalise in case it's really not that big a deal? .... Why, then: Like their newly posted pic of a puppy doing a funny face, all will be good!' By re-tweeting one of their Twitter gags you can also smooth things over.

Of course Twitter and Facebook posts can also be an easy way of letting exes know you are having a really fun time. So what do you think about social media's developing subtext? Do you try and let your exes know just how happy you are without them via Twitter? Or do a tactical like or retweet to butter up your pals?

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