Oscars 2014: Thanks, Jennifer Lawrence. Finally, it’s cool to be clumsy.

03 March 2014 by

Last week I fell on to a bus (head first, since you asked), smashed a two wine glasses and tripped over my own feet on the way home from work. On a recent trip to Rome, I cut open my knee after falling dramatically to the pavement whilst running for a bus, got stuck in the Metro doors and hit myself (hard) in the face with an unruly umbrella. Being clumsy has long been an everyday part of my life. And, unsurprisingly, it’s never been something I’ve celebrated. That is, until now.

Because Jennifer Lawrence has single-handedly made being clumsy cool. Last night, at the Oscars, she lasted only two seconds before wobbling, desperately grabbing at the unsuspecting actress in front of her and falling to her knees. It came on the anniversary of her spectacular 'stairs' moment at last year's do - when, draped in an exuberant Dior gown, she tripped up and face planted the carpet. For those of us who are balance-challenged, she's a breath of fresh air.


Being clumsy has never been attractive. We're the awkward, cumbersome girls who just cannot do grace. At school I was the girl who couldn't do sports without an injury; I broke my arms four times and once detached my hamstring from the bone. In my first interview at Grazia, my grand finale was losing grip of my folder, sending scores of newspaper cuttings flying to the feet of three editors and I've lost count of how many glasses of wine I've knocked over on to unsuspecting dates.

But now, instead of embarrassing being clumsy is "adorable" and "best friend material" according to J-Law's fans. And for all of us who have watched hopelessly as elegant actresses glide down the red carpet year on year, she's a hero. Jen, we salute you.

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