Of Course Kim Kardashian’s Baby Shower Invite Is A Music Box Ballerina. But Are Baby Showers The New Hen Do?

23 May 2013 by

It’s a music box. A music box, with a dancing ballerina inside (modelled on the mum-to-be herself) that plays a melody composed by Kayne West on opening. No, this is not the product of a Kardashian obsessed 13-year-old’s daydream. It’s an actual thing, and it’s what Kim Kardashian sent out to her baby shower guests as an invitation. AN INVITATION. But, let us be honest here: what else did we really expect from the reality TV ruler/queen of body-con leopard print? Exactly.

Except - though we may poke fun – Kim’s not alone when it comes to baby shower extravagance. In fact, it seems whilst Bridezillas are losing out Bride Chillas – see Keira Knightly – Baby Shower, err, ‘Zillas’ are on the rise. Are baby showers the new hen party? We think they just might be

Clue One: Extreme Themes

You've been to extreme Hen Parties before. Enter Baby Shower Brenda.

Transformer Baby Bump

Clue Two: Hen Party Hilarity

A photograph Victoria Beckham tweeted from her baby shower (organised by BFF Eva Longoria, natch) showed the girls having muchos fun with none other than a bit of loo roll. But wait... Didn't we just fashion a makeshift wedding dress from the very same at that hen-do last weekend? I THINK WE DID. 

Victoria Beckham Baby Shower

Clue Three: No expense spared. Literally none. Not even yours

Know the feeling when your best mate utters the words "I think I might go to Italy/Spain/Marbella/Australia/Outer space for my hen do..."? Well, get used to it. But this time, you don't even get a holiday for your hard-earned cash. If Kim has taught us anything, it's that baby showers have upped the stakes - especially if it's you holding the shower. Whereas in years gone by it was literally a cup of tea with the relatives, now you're expected to have matching themed stationary, a huge cake and larger than life decorations for your totes-sophis garden soiree. Oh, and provide all of this plus food and drinks (alcohol is allowed now, of course) for up to 75 people.


Clue Four: The Baby Shower Album

You've seen the Hen Party professional photoshoots (cringe) - now make way for the Baby Shower Albums. A photobooth on the day will do, as long as you have the means to savour the memories of your hot sweats, waddling walk and having feet the size of Wales. If you're Jessica Simpson, you get a videographer, natch.

Clue Five: Are they actually bigger than the Hen?

Erm, this unborn child has his own hashtag. What do you think?

Baby Shower Hashtag


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