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Is It Really Okay For Kanye West To Call Kim Kardashian And Her Sisters 'Trophies'?

[Future ft Kanye West - 'I Won' cover artwork]

Congratulations, Kris Jenner! Kanye West has given your gestation skills the official Yeezus seal of approval.

The soon-to-be Mr Kim Kardashian just dropped a track called 'I Won' with rapper Future. In it he not only calls Kim the 'number one trophy wife' but describes her sisters as 'trophies' too.

'You know you're the number one trophy wife,' he raps. 'So it's only right you live a trophy life.'

We assume Kanye's not calling Kim a gold digger because HELLO Kardashian empire, so it seems he's using the term 'trophy wife' in a more literal way: Kim's the prize partner every man's fighting for.

The idea feels weird though. Kanye's ignoring the concept that two people might get married because they have an *actual* emotional connection and is instead essentially saying he plans to marry Kim because she's simply the best of all the women. Romance isn't dead.

[Kardashian family - Instagram]

It gets especially strange when Yeezy turns his attention to Kim's sisters - including the teenage ones.

'You can look at Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney and Khloe, all your mam ever made was only trophies right,' he raps.

Yep, in one creepy lyrics he manages to make the Kardashians sound like the Bennett family in Pride & Prejudice - all prized goods just waiting to be married off. You better practise your piano recitals and keep your hemlines below the ankle Kylie or NO HUSBAND FOR YOU.

How would you react to being called a 'trophy wife'? Would you be flattered or offended? Join the conversation on Twitter.

Listen to the track here..


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