It's 'Blue Monday': But Here Are Ten Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Down Today...

21 January 2013 by

It's January. Everyone you know is on a diet, a detox, an alcohol-free carb-free - fun-free - month. You've been living on cereal since you ran out of money last week after that Christmas party binge, yet it's STILL five days until payday. Yes, if you hadn't heard, it's the 'most depressing' day of the year. But don't give up just yet. Here's ten reasons why you shouldn't feel down this Blue Monday...

1. This is outside.

Sort of. You hate the Instagrammers, you're seething that they have the audacity to think you're interested in the picturesque scene just outside their front door. But secretly, you want to join in. Go on, indulge yourself.

Instagram the snow. Go on.

2. This didn't happen when you were just TRYING TO GET TO WORK... 

OK, so she doesn't have a 'regular' job. But thank the Lord we don't have to wear bondage to the office. And THIS could never happen. And even if it did, millions of people all over the world wouldn't see it, and Sacha Baron Cohen wouldn't awkwardly ridicule you about it on national television just when you thought the hype was dying down.

Anne Hathaway's wardrobe mishap

3. This didn't happen to you when you got to work.

Model can't walk on shoes

4. You're not this woman.

5. You didn't get caught with your fly down.


Pete Doherty

6. You've 'had enough'...

We get it. Later, if you feel like this again, say it in French. The equivalent phrase from our more sophisticated neighbours is: 'Les carottes sont cuites'. It means the carrots are cooked. Aren't they just... And don't you feel better for that throaty french outburst about vegetables?

7. It's not the Nineties anymore.

So when the haters are out...

Amber Clueless - Haters

And when you wind up feeling like this...

Cher Clueless

Just remember that shell-suit you used to rock? YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR IT ANYMORE. Ever. 

8. Because this actually happened.

Pandas Cuddling

9. As did this.

Puppy cuddling his teddy

10. So, you might be hanging on by a thread now...

Hang in there kitten

You might even feel like just hiding away from the world...

Forget the world dog

... But soon enough, you'll feel like this:

On top of the world anteater

... Promise.


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