How To Avoid Taking A Cringe #Couplie This Valentine's Day

05 February 2014 by

#Couplie - Noun. Otherwise known as a snap of a loved-up duo smooching, cuddling and generally having the best time ever. Found on Instagram with a 'romantic' filter like Toaster. Usually either super cute or super cringe.

According to research by One4all the #couplie is the new #selfie with a 140% rise in the use of the hashtag on social media in recent months. All of our favourite couples are uploading them. The likes of Kim and Kanye and Jay and Bey are no strangers to flaunting their happy HAPPY romantic lives (we've all seen the 'Bound 2' and 'Drunk In Love' videos) in real life so it's no surprise they're more than comfortable posting steamy snaps on Insta. 

Usually the photos are adorable, but it's very easy to cross the line from sharing a special moment to a) appearing to be boasting about having THE BEST RELATIONSHIP OF ALL TIME and b) making stomachs turn with a snap that's a tad too intimate.

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, all lovebirds are facing a social media minefield of unwritten #couplie rules. Here are 10 ways to keep your snaps adorable not deplorable...

1. No nudity

No post-shower snaps. No just-woke-up snuggle shots. Even if you just allude to nudity with a flash of collarbone you are over-stepping the very clearly drawn mark.

2. Pose with a pet

Followers might get bored of your relationship, but they'll never get bored of your adorable pug. Same goes for children, but only if they're super adorable.

3. No boring gifts allowed

Your man bought you a cuddly toy, a bouquet of flowers and a box of Milk Tray? Lucky for you, but keep your treats off the Internet PLEASE. He bought you a pet pug? THAT we want to see. 

4. Nothing more than a peck on the lips

No open mouths. No faces pressed together. If the camera is steaming up it's too much.

5. Post from an interesting location

If your boyf's taken you for dinner at the top of the Shard, yes, post. Same goes if you've gone quad-biking, sky-diving or even to lazer quest. If you're just doing Orange Wednesday, no thanks.

FYI THIS is an interesting location not Camden Odeon:

6. Not in an interesting location? Share an old snap from an interesting location

So you're just having doing casual-dinner-and-movie this Valentine's Day? Why not share a snap from an amazing holiday or trip out you've had together to mark the occasion.

7. Try fancy dress/comedy props/anything funny

Think to yourself - 'what would Cara Delevingne do?' Try face-pulling, dressing up in each-other's clothes or celebrity masks. If she wouldn't post it, you shoudn't.

8. No more than one picture per date

Nine snaps showing you pulling slight variations of the same pose might seem reasonable to you, but you're clogging our feeds. If you're going to go for multiple pictures, at least make a collage.

9. Avoid the following hashtags:

#lovemybaby #likethemovies #theone #forever #loveyou #boyfriend #girlfriend #couple #instacouple #love #mine #handsoff #lovehim #loveher #partner

10. No below-the-waist touching

We cannot reiterate this more - if your future children don't want to see it, neither do we.


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