Grazia’s Campaign To Close The Gender Pay Gap – What YOU Can Do To Make Sure You’re Being Paid Fairly

24 July 2014 by

The gender pay gap is an average 16 per cent… with women effectively working for free from 4 November compared to their male colleagues. We know, we’re furious too.

Here, Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute gives her tips on making sure you’re paid fairly.

1. Know what you’re worth. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to know what the average pay bands are. Any HR department should have that information and be willing to share it with you. It’s also worth looking at outside surveys that benchmark salaries in each industry. Look at your industry segment and benchmark your salary based on your level of job.

2. Know WHY you’re worth it. Keep up to date a list of your achievements. Make sure it’s got real examples with real results. Don’t talk about activities… focus on the outcome, for example, ‘I grew that client’s business by 20 per cent.’ This way if you feel you are not being paid fairly, you have a solid argument.

3. Speak up. If you don’t proactively own your own career progress, know what you’re worth and ask for it, no one is going to come and do it for you. Make sure you speak up. 

4. Talk to your boss. Pick your moment, have your facts and – if you believe you are being paid less – raise it calmly. Respect your company’s processes and do the first three things to address the pay gap.

Grazia is campaigning to end the gender pay gap. Sign our petition and you could help ensure you're paid what you're worth...



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