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Eleanor Morgan Opens Up Discussion On Anxiety – Your Reactions #BreakTheTaboo

Eleanor Morgan on anxiety

According to a new report, a staggering one in five of us suffers from it – depression’s lesser known sister, anxiety, is on the rise. In this week’s Grazia as part of our on-going campaign, #breakthetaboo, writer Eleanor Morgan opens up about living with panic disorder, which she’s suffered from for over a decade.

“My first anxiety attack happened when I was 17,” says Eleanor, now 28. “I was out shopping with a friend. A tidal wave of fear and nausea rolled from my feet upwards, and I ran to a public toilet and hovered over it, dry-heaving, unable to control torrents of catastrophic thoughts.”

Since then, Eleanor has suffered frequent – often terrifying – panic attacks. She continued: “My anxiety is always there. Sometimes shouting, sometimes whispering. But always there."

However, Eleanor says that, in the past, she never found stories from others to relate to. “At my worst, when I was lying on the sofa beginning to not recognise myself, I was desperate to read about someone who’d experienced similar. That’s why I wrote about my experience.”

It’s working: since Eleanor’s piece hit the shelves on Tuesday, women all over the country have been getting in touch to tell us their own stories – and to help #breakthetaboo on mental health disorders once and for all.

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Now, we want to hear from you. What are your experiences of mental illness? Get involved in the conversation - let's #breakthetaboo. Tweet us on @Grazia_Live, or leave your comments below.


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Bonolo Mafetole (Sat Aug 03 16:14:11 BST 2013): Im on the verge of dispair myself, Im afraid of losing it. I need help, REAL HELP. But Im afraid to quit again.
Donna Holmes (Sun Aug 04 13:19:59 BST 2013): I suffered with depression for many years. Took me a while to realise it. Soon as I'd accepted it I took steps to change it. I saw a councillor, started writing a diary and took anti depressants for a short while. Although I don't believe they do anything. The first hurdle of dealing with a mental illness is accepting it. I'm now a lot happier in my self although I do have some severe down days I know how to get myself out of it. Be strong!
Molly Lyon (Sun Aug 04 13:34:40 BST 2013): At 18 years of age, I suffered with anxiety and depression for a whole year. I was so ill with it, I stopped eating, speaking, leaving the house and nearly got hospitalised for malnutrition. I've now celebrated my nineteenth birthday, and had both my GP and CBT advisor cancel my appointments for good as I'm doing so well. It's hard work, takes a lot of determination, but once you do it, you'll be glad you did. I've gained two dress sizes again and am a lot, lot healthier. Everyone needs to understand how many people suffer from it, and there's nothing wrong with it, you just need to kick the horrible illness in the arse!
Rachael Whitehead (Sun Aug 04 22:03:30 BST 2013): I had my first panic attack at the age of 19 (I'm now 45). Then nothing for years until about 10 years ago. I never knew I had anxiety/depression until one day I dragged myself to the GP as I couldn't stop crying. I lost my appetite, couldn't leave the house and was afraid to even be left alone in a room. As soon as I was diagnosed, I had CBT and hypnotherapy and I'm much better now. However I still take antidepressants even now, and still get anxious if I have to go on a train alone. I think it's something that will always come and go for the rest of my life. I'd like to be able to afford therapy to kick it once and for all but that's not possible. Maybe one day.
Lori Reeve (Mon Aug 05 02:00:24 BST 2013): {{{{{{{{{{Rachael}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Here if you want to talk hun.
Rachael Whitehead (Mon Aug 05 08:52:11 BST 2013): Lori Reeve Thanks hun xx
Mand Miles (Mon Aug 05 13:39:46 BST 2013): Been there, got the T shirt.... not had it back for a few years now ;D