Eleanor Morgan Opens Up Discussion On Anxiety – Your Reactions #BreakTheTaboo

02 August 2013 by

Eleanor Morgan on anxiety

According to a new report, a staggering one in five of us suffers from it – depression’s lesser known sister, anxiety, is on the rise. In this week’s Grazia as part of our on-going campaign, #breakthetaboo, writer Eleanor Morgan opens up about living with panic disorder, which she’s suffered from for over a decade.

“My first anxiety attack happened when I was 17,” says Eleanor, now 28. “I was out shopping with a friend. A tidal wave of fear and nausea rolled from my feet upwards, and I ran to a public toilet and hovered over it, dry-heaving, unable to control torrents of catastrophic thoughts.”

Since then, Eleanor has suffered frequent – often terrifying – panic attacks. She continued: “My anxiety is always there. Sometimes shouting, sometimes whispering. But always there."

However, Eleanor says that, in the past, she never found stories from others to relate to. “At my worst, when I was lying on the sofa beginning to not recognise myself, I was desperate to read about someone who’d experienced similar. That’s why I wrote about my experience.”

It’s working: since Eleanor’s piece hit the shelves on Tuesday, women all over the country have been getting in touch to tell us their own stories – and to help #breakthetaboo on mental health disorders once and for all.

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Now, we want to hear from you. What are your experiences of mental illness? Get involved in the conversation - let's #breakthetaboo. Tweet us on @Grazia_Live, or leave your comments below.


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