Ed Miliband Wants To Play 'Action Hero' And Rescue You

24 September 2013 by

Ed Miliband Labour 2013 Conference

Grazia's Political Editor at Large Gaby Hinsliff on what Ed Miliband's speech at the Labour conference means for you...

If only Ella Phillips knew, when she fell off her bike in London and landed accidentally at the feet of a passing politician, where it would all end. Ed Milband's now using the story of how he rescued a dazed and concussed Ella to explain how he'd like to rescue the rest of us.

Self-deprecatingly he pointed out that everyone laughs at Ella calling him an 'action hero', but the plans unveiled at today's party conference in Brighton - more free childcare for working mothers, freezing gas and electricity bills for two years, getting more houses built so Generation Rent isn't forever out in the cold - suggest Labour want you to see him as the go-to guy for voters in distress. Ed even painted himself as a feminist hero, saying young women were right to be angry about everyday sexism, the pay gap and a shortage of female MPs.

Ed Miliband Labour 2013 Conference

The detail of how it's all supposed to work may leave voters feeling pretty dazed themselves. (The housebuilding plans, for example, involve forcing developers to build more homes, by seizing land from firms who just buy it and sit on it for too long. In other words, nothing's changing overnight). But Ed's pitch as the nice guy helping Britain back onto its feet is clear. The only trouble is that next week, David Cameron will be talking cheaper childcare and help for homebuyers too. So do you trust either of them to 'rescue' you?


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