Do Mobile Phones Make You Flaky?

30 May 2014 by

Flaky phones

Be honest - how many times have you sent a text to flake out of meeting your mates because you've got a particularly crucial date with Game of Thrones and a bottle of Tesco's cheapest finest? More times than you'd like to remember if San Francisco filmaker Alex Cornell has any say in it. This week, he released a video on why the age of the mobile phone has made us "flaky as f*ck". It's brutally close to home. And pretty hilarious.

It's no secret that rejection is more convenient than ever before - mobiles mean that we can turn up two hours late, or just not show up at all with a mere smidgen of the guilt. When we cancel plans, we don't even have to admit that we're doing it out loud anymore. And, according to Alex, sort of, it's turning us into pretty shitty human beings. 

In some ways, he's right - if you've ever been on the end of one of the three 'flakers' he identifies (the latecomers, the no-showers and the optimizers - who can't decide whether your plan is the best plan, and will keep you hanging until they've realised they have something much better to do at the very last moment) it can be incredibly frustrating. Especially when you've got 44 new Whatsapp from one friend who's over-egging her 'cut my finger whilst stuck in traffic on the bus and now my dog's gone missing :(' excuse.

Of course it's not all bad. At least we're able to inform our mates when we're really having a traffic/injury/Game of Thrones crisis and show them that we do actually give a hoot about them waiting around for us - and vice versa. And, thanks to the genuis of group messaging apps, it's really, really easy to organise to get everyone out, even if there are a few flakers...

Do you agree? Take a peek at the video yourself and let us know...


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