Celebrities React To DOMA and Prop 8 - Here's Ten Of The Best Celebrity Tweets So Far...

27 June 2013 by


As far as equality goes, this week is pretty huge. And that's a pretty big understatement. Because today marks the first day that gay married couples in America are seen as equals under US law. DOMA - the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into the constitution in 1996 by President Clinton - is gone. Huzzah!

Under DOMA, same sex couples who married were barred from a spectrum of legal rights, including tax exemptions, social security benefits and the right to be notified of the death of a next of kin, amongst others. The point is, it actively discriminated against gay people. That is, until yesterday.

The Supreme Court yesterday overturned the act in a landmark ruling, causing hundreds of Americans gathered outside the court to erupt into cheers - and begin a marathon of frantic - joyous - tweets. #Doma was trending immediately and, of course, there were plenty of celebs getting in on the act. Hell, this was so big that it prompted Anna Wintour to send her first tweet. (YEAH, THAT BIG GUYS.)

Not only that, but California's controversial Proposition 8 law, which banned same-sex marriage was also ruled against - meaning that gay marriage is now, finally, legal in the state. And that Kristen Bell, who has been engaged to Dax Shepherd since 2009 but vowed not to marry until gay marriage was legalised as a gesture of respect to their close friends, can now also say 'I do'.

Check out Anna's tweet below, along with nine more of our favourite s'leb tweets...

1. Anna Wintour

2. Lena Dunham

3. Kristen Bell

... Asking Dax Shepherd to marry her. The couple have been engaged since 2009, but vowed not to marry until gay marriage was legal in their home state of California.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

5. Ellen De Generes

6. Neil Patrick Harris


7. Kylie Minogue

8. Kevin Spacey

9. Seth McFarlane

10. Lady Gaga


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