Grazia Salon: 'Are we as sexually liberated as we think we are?’

24 June 2014 by

Tomorrow evening authors Bryony Gordon, Elizabeth Day, Alexandra Heminsley and Helen Walsh will be joining us at our Grazia Salon debate where we will be asking ‘Are we as sexually liberated as we think we are?’ Here, Holly Peacock highlights why things are getting a little confusing…

The first wave of Feminism saw women fight for political equality; the second wave had us burning our bras in a bid to free ourselves from the social constraints around us. Wave after wave we continue to strive for equality and control over our own bodies.

Yet today, when it comes to being sexual and identifying as a feminist - things have got a little confusing. What was once seen as freeing and empowering can now be perceived as the results of patriarchal society. Feeling sexual and expressing it however we choose is surely a part of being both free and equal?

Whilst that is most definitely true, we can't deny the murky waters that lead to an unsettling grey area of women and their bodies.

Whether it's pole dancing for exercise but then voting for the removal of strip clubs on our high streets or going as bare as you dare on a night out but then criticising the nakedness of women in the media. It's easy to see how today's feminist can confuse the onlooker.

But it's not just us, for every person who defends The Sun's topless page 3 there is someone else speaking out against breast-feeding in public.

So what is sexual equality and how can we know for sure if we are truly sexually liberated when there are so many contradictions?

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