Apparently, We Hit Peak Friend Time At 29

05 August 2014 by

29 Is The Age When We Have Most Friends

If you’re younger: good times ahead. If you’re older: lonely times a comin’ 

Popularity is now an exact science people, and 29 is the age when we hit peak friend. In a survey of over 1,500 Brits (by sociable baked goods purveyor, Genius Gluten Free), it was revealed that at 29, we have an average of 80 friends - about 30 percent more than all the other times in our lives, when apparently we have just 64 (oh, so unpopular).

So why is it that we’re most friended as we poke our noses over the brow of the 30 hill? Apparently, by this point, we’ve had a clutch of friend-forming career moves, are still in fairly regular contact with university mates, and may have even made the dreaded move back to our childhood homes to save for a deposit, thus reigniting nights out to the local Yates’s with your old school gang. Cue bountiful Facebook count.

Then, at least in my (lightly misanthropic) 31 year-old wedding-season addled mind, you’ll hit 30, and realise that every single weekend of your life is taken up with the nuptials of said collectives. And, unless you’ve got a seriously healthy bank balance, you’ll be forced to start prioritising, and then shedding friends, either for fear of having to spend <another> £500 on the hen, wedding accommodation and present buying, or just because you can no longer afford to socialise any more.

There’s another study in that… Happy friending!


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