26 & Counting... My Best Friend Bought A House, I Don't Even Own A Toaster

08 August 2014 by

26 & Counting, Zoe Beaty

Zoe Beaty is 26 & Counting... Savings (£0)

My best friend has bought a house. Not just a house - a three bedroom, garden-enabled (front and back), sexy kitchen-ed, semi-detatched with a loft conversion. It even has a garage. It is, without doubt, a swank pad.

She told me this last week as I was in the midst of a monthly, internal conversation I’ve been having with myself about the purchase of a toaster. ‘Just buy a toaster,’ I tell myself. ‘It’ll be fantastic! Think of the snacks!’ My toaster died just over a year ago and I have since found out that grilling bread is an unfortunate incapability of mine. Every month, I declare that this will be The Month that I finally become a kitchen gadget owner once again. But as I go to click ‘buy’ at Argos every four weeks, I realise… I might need that twenty quid before payday.

As the cycle started again this week it dawned on me: my best mate owns a house, and I’ve been trying (and failing) to buy a (basic) kitchen appliance for over a year. I’m not even after a four-slice.

As for buying a house, you can probably imagine that I’m quite far off that milestone. I had some hope for a bit, when the government’s Help To Buy schemes were introduced. ‘Five per cent deposit?’ I thought, ‘EASY mate, even I can do that!’ I managed to save £200 as well. But then Npower said they sort of wanted it in exchange for giving us lights and stuff at home. And, anyway, the 'Help' schemes are becoming increasingly unhelpful it seems, as Lloyds Bank announced it was capping theirs at £150,000 this week, sparking 'Is this the end for help to buy?' rally cries. So it’ll just be the £80,000 I need to muster to buy.

I could save more if I really wanted to - I know I could. For a start, I’m pretty certain that Pinot Grigio counts as a non-essential, and I could probably cut back on the kirby grips (WHERE DO THEY GO?). But, at the back of my mind, I know that - unless something really brilliant happens like I win one of those competitions they have on ITV all the time - it’s probably not going to happen any time soon.

I am, of course, deliriously happy that one of my friends has cocked one leg up on this mythical ladder - in fact, I’m ridiculously proud. Maybe one day I will join her. But right now, I’m off to finally buy a toaster. If I can’t own a house, I’m definitely going to own snacking.  


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