10 Times Pope Francis Was A Total Hero

30 January 2014 by

Pope Francis

This week, Pope Francis did it for the sisters. In his home, Vatican City, he told an Italian women’s group that he agreed ladies should take on a more prominent role not only in the Catholic church but also in professional and public spheres. PF, you’re a hero. Here’s ten more reasons why…

1. The time he became @Pontifex

The pope loves to tweet. And he’s also got way more followers than you.

Pope Francis on Twitter

2. When he took a selfie and didn’t care who knew about it.

And the evidence of it went viral. #nofilter #Amen.


Thank you @FabioMRagona, you wonderful soul

3. When he thought nothing of popping a bit of a red nose on, as requested by a couple of newlyweds.

P-Frizzle is down with clowning around.

Pope wears a red nose

4. Last week when he declared that he’d found the creator of the internet? Yeah, that time.

(It’s God, you guys.)

Pope Francis

Pic: AP

5. When he couldn’t stop hugging everyone…

…Especially a little boy who attached himself to Popey’s legs and refused to let go.

Pope Francis Hug

Pic: Reuters/Osservatore Romano

6. The time he publically denounced the judgement of homosexuality.

Oh, and personally called a rape victim who had written a letter to him to console her. What a guy.

Pope Francis Calling

Pic: CNS

7. When he drew a heart in the air with his hands and the most wonderful Popey-GIF was born.

Pope Francis draws a heart in the air

8. When he gave a hitchhiker a ride on his Popemobile.

He broke protocol – but then, PF doesn’t play by the rules.

9. That time he became Pope-SLASH-Air Steward and nailed it.

(Or at least, that's what the internet imagined he did.)

Pope Francis Air Steward

Pic: Catholic Memes

10. Finally – but imperatively – the time he wore a goat round his shoulders like a cape…

… and totally rocked it.

Pope Francis with a goat

 Pic: AP Photo/Osservatore Romano



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