The Top 10 Signs You’re Suffering From Post-Holiday Blues

29 July 2013 by

So you’re back from your holiday. Yesterday, your only worry was how many delicious meals out you could squeeze into one day. Today, you’re washing everything in sight and mourning that last sweet, sweet mojito like it was your last. Once you’ve lived like a sun-Queen for a couple of weeks, life is mundane. And what’s more, helpfully, your mind seems to forget all normal functions (like how to dress when a bikini and a pair of shorts isn’t an appropriate option) in lieu of more important things like tanlines. They call it the post-holiday blues. Here’s ten signs you’re suffering…

1. The mere thought of setting an alarm makes you feel like:

Alarm fear

2. You know you should make an effort for work. This is what happens:

3. Getting dressed was more difficult than usual...

getting dressed fail

4. And when you finally manage it, you discover that extra holiday weight means things just don't seem to fit like they used to...

5. When you get to work, you realise you no longer have any idea what you're supposed to be doing if it isn't drinking gin or applying suncream.

6. When people asked you about your holiday two weeks ago, you were like:

Excited Holiday

Now, you're more like:

Fake Holiday Smile

7. Just days ago, you were all about the beach selfies and genuinely interested in friends' summer plans. Now everytime it's mentioned you're like:

holiday selfies annoyance

8. You feel like there's about three lifetimes between you and your next trip.

9. You give up on social media. There's nothing interesting to Instagram here anyway.

boring instagram

10. Wine and reminiscing over holiday snaps are the only two things you look forward to now. That, and planning your next getaway. And you probably need one after all the stress of coming home.

beach holiday

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