10 Signs You Haven’t Got The ‘Work/Life’ Balance Down

06 March 2013 by

Being a grown-up is hard. Especially when you’ve got every other person telling you how ‘important’ it is to get your ‘work/life balance’ in order, yet you’re capable of nothing of the sort. Hell, you’re not even sure you know what a ‘work/life balance’ is.

Then there’s the old, excruciating debate: can we ‘have it all’? Well, apparently so. In fact, according to a new LinkedIn survey of 5,000 women, two thirds of us (66 per cent) are sure they can ‘have it all’, with 64 per cent saying that their work/life balance

is the most important factor in their careers. But can we ‘have it all’; be successful in our working and family lives in equal parts, without flexible working hours?

According to Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo! who caused a storm last week when she banned employees of the company from working occasionally at home, that’s not an option, sister - despite the fact it may just well be the key to solving this cyclical debate.

Because - be honest - how’s your work and life balancing out? Here’s ten signs that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

1. You’re working like a dog.

2. You vaguely remember a time when you didn’t have bags under your eyes, enjoyed a hobby of a weekend and wore something other than grey.

3. You’re fast becoming incapable of making simple decisions.

4. The last time you saw your friends was 2002.

5. The only thing that truly makes you happy is a ‘good job’ from your manager.

... Despite the fact you’re constantly falling asleep at your desk.

7. Things aren’t going well on the dating scene either. You’re snappier than usual.

8. You find yourself fantasizing about just getting away from it all, letting go...

9. Whereas all you actually do when you get in from work is this...

10. Or this...



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