The Top 10 Best April Fools Of 2014

01 April 2014 by

April Fools' Day has been celebrated around the world today and there have been some corkers. From One Direction to a full on 'Selfie Ban', we couldn't help but share a snigger at some of these beauties. Have a look at our round-up of the best...

1. Virgin Active's Bum Clench counting pants

They announced today that they would be launching 'bum clench counting' boxers - complete with perfectly cliche David Beckham style black and white video. Bravo.

2. The Mirrorgram.

That's right - a mirror that "if you've ever stepped out of the shower, wiped the steam from the mirror and thought you looked good enough to Tweet", will take your "selfie at the sink", courtesy of the Bath Store. It has filters too.


3. Alternatively, a UK Selfie Ban.

The Metro told us that the government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport were imposing a selfie ban wherein restrictions would allow just 10 selfies per month, before a £25 fine was imposed. 

Selfie Ban

4. Edible Pizza boxes.

Dominoes gave us this dream - and then took it away. Sob.

Dominoes Edibox

5. Kate Moss joined Instagram

Our very own Grazia Daily prank. Oh how we wish it was true...

Kate Moss Instagram

6. Vegemite - on the go!

Thank goodness this is merely a prank - Vegemite in a can. To drink. Yes, Vegemite Energy 2.1 is for those times that you just "haven't got time for Vegemite on toast". Not even slightly regretful this isn't real.


7. According to ITV, a chicken laid a square egg this morning.

We're not sure this ever had anyone going, but points for effort.

ITV's 'Square egg'

8. One Direction were this morning 'banned from North Korea...'

... Unless they (according to The Mirror) 'changed their hairstyles to match the country's leader Kim Jong Un'. The tabloid also claimed that the dictator would be auditioning today for a new rival band named Un Direction.

One Direction 'banned' from North Korea

9. Shark spotting!

Er, in the Midlands, reported the Birmingham Mail. But still, epic Photoshopping skills at least. Watch the video here.

10. All your hilarious Facebook mates.

The ones that got 'engaged', 'fired', 'pregnant' or posted a magnificent new facial tattoo to scare their parents. Including this pair, who posted this picture on Reddit earlier today under the caption 'Our April Fools' Day Facebook Announcement'.

April Fools' Day announcement


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