8 Low Maintenance New Year's Resolutions We Must All Absolutely Promise To Abide By

03 January 2013 by

Forget eating healthily and exercising regularly, New Years resolution's are little more than pipe dreams which are shattered the second someone wafts a glass of pinot under our nose. So this year, why not try something a little less ambitious? Here's Grazia Daily's list of low-maintenance resolutions that will make the world of 2013 a much better place.

1. Become A Social Media Queen

Those pesky Directioners/Beliebers have really got out of hand on Twitter. Imagine if grown-up people spent as much time getting real issues to trend? We’d change the world in minutes.

2. Instagram More Lols

Your last post was a VERY pretty picture of a cupcake, but sadly we didn’t eat it, you did, so it just made us sad. Pictures of lols are something we can both enjoy - like this jaunty chap here.

3. Don’t Spend January On A Mammoth Fad Diet

It’s already the saddest month of the year. Don’t make it worse by cutting out Hob Nobs.

4. #Stop #Hashtagging #Everything


5. Refuse To Read Anything That Claims Someone’s ‘Poured Their Curves’ Into A Dress

Translates to: 'large-breasted celebrity wears bodycon, here’s a gazillion pictures to make you feel boob-ily challenged'. Also, skin doesn't pour. That would be weird.

6. Find And Destroy All Keep Calm And Carry On Products*

Final straw? This hilarious case (carry on luggage-geddit?).  It’s half price now - make of that what you will.

*Don't really, shops don't like it when you do things like that.

7. Don’t Get Caught Up In Royal Baby Fever

Will it be a boy or girl? Will it be a Diana or Elizabeth? Where will it attend school? And what clubs will it be falling out of in 18 years with Uncle Harry? NO-ONE KNOWS, not even K-Middy, so sit tight and wait until summer, it’ll come round soon enough, promise.

8. Drop YOLO and SWAG from your vocabulary.

Not really sure how this became acceptable vernacular. Most likely we did it once ironically, then it just kind of stuck.  But Lil Wayne we are not, so we will desist.

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