Zach Galifiniakis Takes 87-Year-Old Homeless Lady As Date To The Hangover III Premiere: Here's 9 More Examples Of Celebs Being Ace

22 May 2013 by

zach galifianakis mimi haist

Seeing as it's Wednesday, and it's a bit grey, and if we're honest we're all just the teensiest bit hungover, how about a heartwarming story to get us all through the day?

Hangover star and all-round funny man Zack Galifianakis has melted our hearts by taking 87-year-old Mimi Haist as his date to the Hangover III premiere in LA. The story goes that Zach befriended Mimi 20 years ago after he first moved to LA to be 'discovered'. Mimi was working as a volunteer in a laundromat and the two quickly became firm friends.

Though they lost touch when Zach's career took off, when Zach heard that Mimi had become homeless, he found her an apartment to live in and has been covering her rent and utility bills ever since. Zach often takes her to red carpet events - and if he can't go, she heads along in his place. "If he’s in town, he takes me. Otherwise he lets me take a friend," said Mimi, "I dress up nice and a friend helps me with my makeup. It’s fun, not something I’ve ever dreamed I’d experience. The limo takes me home afterwards." We could not love this this more.

Here's 10 other instances of celebrities being awesome people. Happy Wednesday!

1. Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Exploit The Papparazzi For Good

These two are totally our new favourite couple. When they heard there was photographers lurking outside the restaurant they were eating in they decided to use their exposure for good. Writing on a napkin they named two charities, The Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Gilda's Club NYC and encouraged people to give money.

emma stone andrew garfield

2. Anne Hathaway Buys Pizza For Theatre Goers

On the last night of Anne's performance in Twelfth Night at New York's Shakespeare in the Park when punters were queuing until 3AM to try and snap up last minute tickets, the star picked up some pizzas and hand delivered them to the waiting fans.

anne hathaway

3. Harrison Ford Rescues Stranded Hikers In His Helicopter

A certified helicopter pilot, Harrison Ford came to the rescue after a 13-year-old Boy Scout went missing in the Yellowstone National Park near his ranch in Wyoming. Harrison took his helicopter out and found the boy who'd spent the night alone and was cold and hungry and returned him to his troop. This isn't the first time Indiana Jones has stepped in to rescue stranded hikers - a few months earlier he picked up stranded Megan Freeman who was suffering from altitude sickness - who then threw up all over his helicopter. She was later heard to utter, "I can't believe I barfed in Harrison Ford's helicopter!"

harrison ford helicopter pilot

4. Robert Pattinson Buys A Guitar For Homeless Busker

Walking past a homeless busker, Robert Pattinson stopped to give the man money. He then returned a few minutes later with a brand new guitar for the musical chap before jumping into his car and scarpering.

robert pattinson

5. Ian McKellen Tells Anti-Gay Rights Campaigner Where To Shove It

In 1988 when anti-gay rights campaigner Michael Howard asked Sir Ian McKellen for an autograph for his children, Ian refused, saying, "F**k off, I'm gay."

ian mckellen

6. Lisa Lampanelli Plays The Westboro Baptist Church At Their Own Game

When American comedian and gay rights activist Lisa Lampanelli heard that hate mongerers from the Westboro Baptist Church were going to protest her show, she promised to donate $1000 to the Gay Men's Health crisis for every counter gay rights protester that showed up. 44 came, but she rounded her donation up to a cool $50,000. Even better? She donated it in the church's name. Zing.

lisa lampanelli

7. Bill Murray Doees Karaoke With Complete Strangers

Bit of a weird one; when Bill Murray walked into a karaoke bar in New York, a group invited him to join them for a singing session. 15 minutes later, he knocked on the door, bought everyone a round of drinks and sang an Elvis song. Lad.

bill murray karaoke

8. Jake Gyllenhaal Tops Up Parking Meters

When Jake Gyllenhaal noticed a traffic warden loitering near his car, he took it upon himself to top up the parking meters of his neighbours so no-one got a ticket.

jake gyllenhaal

9. Johnny Depp Shows Up At Greenwich Primary School, Dressed As Captain Jack Sparrow

After receiving a letter from a 9-year-old pupil at a school nearby to where he was filming Pirates Of The Caribbean, asking Johnny Depp to help her stage a mutiny against her teachers, Captain Jack Sparrow showed up unannounced at the school and performed for the class for 15 minutes. He told the schoolgirl that a mutiny might get them into trouble though.

johnny depp


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