Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence (Part 2) - How The 2013 Oscars Made Us Adore Her More

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Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence Part 2: How The Oscars 2013 Made Us Adore Her More

Just when we thought we couldn't possibly love Jennifer Lawrence any more, along came the Oscar Awards. Our adoration for the actress was already reaching fever pitch, but Sunday night provided final verification that this is the most adorable human being EVER. Whether she was giving hilariously candid interviews, tripping up stairs or making Bradley Cooper beam with pride, Jennifer had us chuckling, girl-crushing and GIF-ing. So below, we've rounded up a few (more) reasons why the world is going seven shades of crazy for J-Law. Take a look and just try not to fall in love. We dare you.

1. She's nothing but honest

Forget the standard 'it's such an honour to be here' line, all Jennifer could talk about was how she was gagging for some grub. 'I'm starving! Is there any food here?' she asked moments after arriving on the red carpet. Also, she compared herself to Steve Martin. Oscar gold.

2. She made a bet with Emma Stone

'Your ass is mine, Stone!' These are the words Jennifer said as she hilariously stuck her face into E!'s Mani-Cam. Indisputable proof if ever you needed it that she would make the best friend.

Jennifer Lawrence Emma Stone Oscars 2013

3. She had someone to foof up her dress

'She's like a Hollywood Princess!' we cooed when Jennifer glided onto the red carpet wearing dreamy Dior. But, just like the rest of us (on the occasions we wear Dior Couture), the star needed a little helping hand in maneuvering the ginormous skirt. It only adds to her down-to-earth-ness.

Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence (Part 2) - How The 2013 Oscars Made Us Adore Her More

4. Her face is so GIF-able

Her many goofy expressions have made the Internet very happy and for that, J-Law, we thank you.

5. She's not ashamed of watching trash TV

In another interview, Jennifer trills about Dance Moms and although we have no idea what Dance Moms is, we DO know we want to watch it with her. Then she says 'Does a bear shit in the woods?' Live on telly. At the Oscars.

6. Bradley Cooper thinks she's hot a hoot

We've already clarified that these two should be dating, but it's not just because they're both insanely good looking and would make gorgeous babies. It's also because they get on REALLY well. Just look at them in all their giggling glory.

Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence (Part 2) - How The 2013 Oscars Made Us Adore Her More

7. She gracefully laughed off her clumsiness

Yes, she fell up the stairs as she collected her gong but you know what? It only made her more real. And rather than throwing a hissy fit, Jennifer was nothing but self-effacing, putting the standing ovation down to a sympathy vote.

8. She has a 'Hugh Jackman helped me?' dance

Jennifer might be an Academy Award winner by this point but she still can't believe that Hugh Jackman jumped up to lend a hand when she tripped on the stairs. Believe it, lady!

9. Even Jack Nicholson's in love with her

How would you react if one of the biggest actors in Hollywood said you remind him of an ex-girlfriend? Probably exactly like Jennifer Lawrence because she's just like us...if we were ridiculously pretty and equipped with such wit.

10. She's delightfully candid about her pre-Oscar prep

Jennifer's process for getting ready? 'I just woke up and tried on the dress and it fit, thank God, and ummm...I took a shower...and then I got my hair and makeup done. And then I came to the Oscars!' Yup, there ain't no diva fussing with this one. Then she says she just did a shot. HA.

11. She gave the middle finger. While wearing Dior Couture

If Kristen Stewart flipped the bird on Oscars night, she would be banished to the Internet's black hole but when Jennifer does it, we love her all the more. It's all down to the way she does it with humility and humour rather than grumpiness. You go, girl.

Jennifer-Lawrence-Middle-Finger-Oscars 2013

So yes, Jennifer Lawrence is the best thing of 2013 thus far. What more proof do you need?

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