As The Oscar Awards Loom, Here's 16 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

24 February 2013 by

As The Oscar Awards Loom, Here's 16 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

You may have heard there's a little thing called the Oscar Awards going down in Hollywood tonight and here at Grazia Daily, we're mega excited (well, dur). We want to see the dresses! The sequins! The pretty hair-dos! And, of course, the top-notch A-listers. But the lady we're most thrilled to be seeing on the Oscars red carpet? Ms Jennifer Lawrence.

The actress has become our number one girl crush in recent months - she's the new face of Dior, she's not ashamed of her curves, she doesn't get in a tizzy because of a dress malfunction (or two) and remains utterly down to earth. Oh, and her goofy faces are gif gold. So we're already rooting for to pick up the Best Actress gong but if she doesn't, she's already won our hearts. We're gonna go ahead and clarify why...

1. Because she gives the best acceptance speeches

2. Because she knows how to werk the red carpet

3. Because she makes faces like this

4. Because she threw an arrow at Ryan Seacrest

5. Because she's not bothered about being a skinny actress

6. Because she was one half of 'Joult' with Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence Nicholas Hoult Joult

7. Because her first role was in a My Super Sweet Sixteen ad

8. Because of her girl power in The Hunger Games

9. Because she's really good at impressions

10. Because she has many hidden talents

11. surfing

12. Because her family are adorable

13. Because all the stars want to be her friend

14. Because she was unphased by THAT dress drama

15. Because she's hilarious in interviews

 16. And because she's a REALLY good actress

Are you rooting for J-Law tonight?

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