Why Jennifer Lawrence Should Be Nominated For Best Hero At The MTV VMA Awards

12 March 2014 by

[Hunger Games]

The MTV VMA Award nominations came out last week and while we were all cooing over the Best Kiss nominees - hey, James Franco! - we missed a pretty major problem with one of the categories: there are no girls nominated for Best Hero.

That's right. Henry Cavill's on the list for Man of Steel, Robert Downey Jr's in the running for Iron Man 3, Chris Hemsworth has bagged a spot for Thor: The Dark World and even MARTIN FREEMAN has a nomination for his in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. But the list is a totally lady-free zone.

That's despite Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire hitting screens this year starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen AKA one of the most kick-ass female characters to appear in a blockbuster movie. 

A petition, started earlier this week, is campaigning for J-Law's inclusion in the category.

'Young women already have too few female heroes represented in film and television, it says. 'We're constantly shown by the entertainment industry that men are brave, powerful, or successful, while women are often given supporting roles and weak characters.'

The campaign already had 16,000 signatures and we're totally behind it. Here's 10 reasons why Jen should be nominated for Best Hero.

1. Unlike Bilbo, Katniss doesn't need a wizard's help

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2. She doesn't need a metal suit to stay safe. (Suck on that Iron Man)

3. She also has no superpowers *cough* SUPERMAN *cough*

4. And isn't a god. I'm looking at you Thor

5. She's brave

6. And intelligent

7. She has a strong moral compass

8. And starts an ACTUAL revolution

9. And is an amazing role model for young girls

10. And - oh yeah - Hunger Games did better at the box office than ANY of the nominated films

Katniss isn't only female hero in movie history, here are our favourite kick-ass women in movies.


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