Why I Wrote This: Grazia Taught Me How To Twerk

03 December 2013

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Would you attend an office party Twekshop? In this week's issue of Grazia, Anna Hart pulls on her best lyrcra and learns how to twerk...

One of my favourite things about my job as a journalist is that I get to try all sorts of random new things. In fact, it IS my job to try all sorts of random new things. So when Grazia asked me if I’d attend a Twerkshop, to master the arse-jiggling dance move made famous by Miley Cyrus in her now-notorious performance at the VMAs, they didn’t need to ask me twice.

But when I talk to my friends about it, as well as exclamations of “Oh my god, will you tell us how to do it? It looks HARD” and “Ha ha, your spandex-clad bum is going to be in Grazia you crazy fool,” there were a few wrinkled noses. Because twerking is no longer just a dance move; thanks to Miley and Rihanna, it’s become a byword for the oversexualisation of female celebrities.

This clearly annoys some of the girls at the Twerkshop, who come every week, to get a fun, endorphin boosting workout with their mates, and to learn some moves they can whip out on Saturday night. “I had a row with my sister about it on the phone, because she told me that twerking was anti-feminist,” said one dancer. Another tells me her friend said “isn’t twerking degrading to women?” A good number felt they felt they had to stick up for the twerkshop, because for some reason twerkers find themselves the target of slut-shaming arguments in a way that streetdance or Zumba fans don’t.

What I can say is this: the twerkshop didn’t feel remotely slutty, or anti-feminist, or degrading. It was just a bunch of girls, dancing, having a laugh and having a good time, and getting a workout without really noticing. All of which can only be a good thing. I’m not going to apologise for having a bum, or for shaking it. Okay, so I would never twerk into Robin Thicke’s groin on live TV, but our beef isn’t with twerking. The issue is who’s behind you.

Pick up this week's issue of Grazia to read more about Anna's twerk class and learn how to shake it like Miley with our twerk tutorial from Seen On Screen below...

By Anna Hart



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