Why Have Omar Borkan Al Gala, When You Can Haz 5 Hot Men?

17 May 2013 by

At some point between the Birth of the Internet and 2013, LOLcats – cats that are both lol and meme-friendly – reached critical mass on the internet. We imagine this coincided with the birth of ‘Stuff On My Cats’, a Tumblr showcasing cats with an assortment of stuff on them, but can’t be too sure.

Still. Funny

Either way, the world was always after a new trend and luckily, we found it. Without using Kickstarter. It is:

You Can Haz Hot Men


1. First up is Omar Borkan Al Gala, the man who arguably pioneered the movement

After news leaked on various sites that the Saudi model-slash-DJ-slash-blogger-slash-socialite was deported from his country for being really really, ridiculously good-looking, images of the polymath, often with a camel, went viral. And you can see why.


2. Women, meet Iraqi model Ahmed Angel

Then came Ahmed Angel. We’re still not entirely sure who Ahmed Angel is (other than a dab hand with Photoshop) but with a name like that, does it really matter? Plus, the doves. #Doves


3. It's probably worth mentioning Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (RPG), too


RPG went viral after a photograph of him completing the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run went viral. Sending the World’s Media into a frenzy, he was eventually identified as 25-year-old New Yorker, Zeddie Little (real name). Hours after, United Airlines reported a spike in JFK flight searches before Zeddie Litle (real name) revealed that he was ‘in a committed relationship of five years’ and ‘was seeking a job in the public relations industry in New York’. You know, in case you hear of anything.


4. Then, along came Ali

Zoe Spawton

Zoe Spawton's portraits of ‘Ali’ shot in various get-ups sent her Tumblr - What Ali Wore - viral when it was picked up by German paper, Spiegel, last month. Spiegel also revealed that Ali was an 83-year-old Turkish tailor living in Berlin and who, unlike the likes of Omar and Ahmed, was perfectly content to be photographed. Except when ‘he just does not feel good, is in a bad mood or sick… has the feeling of being not dressed very neatly. Or if he thinks that I have already photographed him in a certain outfit." Oh.


4. And finally, this guy


Less a viral more an endemic, this meme involving Ryan Gosling, a series of GIFS and, erm, cereal is stunning. 

You Can Haz Hot Men: make it happen. It's almost better than LOLcats. Almost



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