What We've Learned From Taylor Swift’s New Video For '22'

14 March 2013 by

Does Taylor Swift hate hipsters?

Quite possibly.

Priya Elan dissects her new video for '22' to find out...

You’ll remember the line in ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, where she sarcastically threw down the shade gauntlet in the direction of her unsuspecting ex (“some indie record that’s much cooler than mine.”)  Well now T-Sw’s released the video for ‘22’ in which she’s upped the hipster-baiting ante.

The promo is built around the songs' quip - “it’s the perfect night…to dress up like hipsters” - and sees Taylor going full throttle into mocking those who wear non-prescription, thick rimmed glasses just for the quirk of it. 

Here is the video in question:

So what does her guide to being a hipster look like?

1)      Living Like A Polaroid

Nothing’s more hipster-y than olde time-y Instagram styled photos, right? So it makes sense that the shoot of ‘22’ is done in that faded style. Keeping it edgy, T.

2)      Quirky food items

Eating brightly coloured cup cakes with plastic forks? Check! Literally drinking what looks like the Kool Aid from a mountain of cocktail glasses? Sure. Sadly she falls short at ordering a bespoke flat white. Damn.

3)      Wearing vintage clothes

Looking like she may have raided Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe, T-Sw jumps through the decades with her sartorial choices. Here she wears some 80s styled heart-shaped sunglasses, a floppy wide brimmed hat that screams “the 70s!!”, a 40s style head scarf and a beanie which suggest she was in a Nu Metal band in the 90s. Um….

4)       Sleep-overs

Taylor and friends (including Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr. Oh hi!) “do” karaoke (probably One Direction) , slum it out on the beach,  and invest in some shiny pom-poms for a spot of DIY  cheerleading.

But, hey, it’s a fine line between parody and homage because it all looks terribly cool and fun. So , dear Taylor, what does it all mean? We’re sure she’ll be explaining it all in song form soon…



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