8 Things We'd Like To See Happen In The Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

24 December 2013

Last year Downton Abbey's Christmas special left us crying into our puddings when Matthew Crawley died in a shock car accident. This year we're hoping for an altogether more joyful affair, but something tells us we may have to keep a tissue close by just incase.

Here's what we know from the trailer, the Crawley's and their servants will be travelling to London to attend Rose's 'coming out' party, where she'll be presented at Buckingham Palace, no less. We're also promised a 'scandal' that will engulf both the Crawley's and the royal family. Elsewhere, we see the return of Cora's mother Martha, played by the wonderful Shirley MacLaine, and the introduction of her brother Harold, played by Paul Giamatti. There's also plenty of room for action among the servants as they enjoy a day out at the beach.

So with that information in mind, here's what we're hoping to see from this year's Christmas trip to Downton...

1. Lady Rose 'coming out' disgracefully...

Lady Rose's big day has come, where she'll be presented to society in front of royalty at her 'coming out' party, but after her recent heartbreak over bandleader Jack Ross, we're expecting more than a simple curtsey from Downton's resident bad girl. We've never been to a 'coming out' party ourselves, but we're told they're quite like a cotillion ball, a la Gossip Girl. So maybe Rose would like to take a few pointers from Serena van der Woodsen on how to make a scene in front of society...

2. A clash of the mother titans...

We loved the feisty exchanges between Lady Grantham and Cora's mother Martha Levison in last years special and we're ready for round two. Cora's American mother returns to Downton to join the family on their trip to London, Martha, who fully embraces the changing world is sure to come to blows again with the traditional Dowager Countess. Handbags at dawn? We hope so.

3. Lady Mary's love triangle hotting up

Lady Mary has been adjusting to life as a young widow, but has also had her fair share of admires. Childhood friend Lord Gillingham seems to be the obvious choice at the moment, but let's not rule out Mr Blake, after all they did have fun in that pig pen...

4. Mrs Patmore vs modern conveniences

A major theme of series four was 'times are changing', with some embracing change better than others. One person for who the roaring twenties took some adjusting to was Mrs Patmore who treated all the new mod-cons at Downton with suspicion. From the refrigerator to the sewing machine and worst of all the whisk, her horror at having to do less work was admirable. Is it too early to introduce a microwave?

5. Daisy finding love

Poor Daisy, shunned by Alfred she's been moping around for what seems like an eternity. But it seems her luck might be about to change soon, as she's set to receive an 'unexpected invitation.' Could it be the end to Daisy's love woes, or is she destined to spend the rest of her life in Mrs Patmore's kitchen? We can only hope for the former.

6. Mr Molsely finally getting to smile

Mr Molsely, or to give him his full name, Poor Mr Molsely, has had a hard time of late. After loosing his valet job after Matthew's death, he had to go back to living with his dad and doing odd jobs in the village. Eventually he swallowed his pride and returned to Downton as a lowly footman. However, things could be changing for the better soon for Mr Molsely, the end of series 4 saw him making a connection with new ladies maid, Baxter. Now if only evil Mr Barrow would keep his distance...

7. Everyone enjoying the seaside

All the servants are treated to a nice day out at the seaside and even Mr Carson seems to be enjoying himself. Lets hope that Anna and Mr Bates can also find a reason to smile, though something tells us there's more trouble to come for the ever unfortunate couple.

8. No one dying!!

It's not too much to ask from our Christmas day TV viewing that no one dies, is it? After last year's shocker let's just hope that we still have a full cast by the time the credits roll.

Watch the Downton Christmas special trailer below:

By Stephanie Chase


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