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What The Golden Globe Nominations Tell Us About Films And TV In 2013

The Nominations For The Golden Globes came out today, but the snubs were more interesting than what was kept in. What do they tell us about films and TV in 2013.

1) Homeland Has Jumped The Shark

It pains us the say it, but the third season of Homeland has been a distressing watch. The erratic character betrayals of Carrie and especially Saul have made us “hate watch” the show (thanks Paul Flynn).  So it’s not really a big surprise that the Golden Globes have overlooked the third season.

Mad Men Too? (We Live In Hope)

The sixth season of Mad Men didn’t descend into wild parody like Homeland did, but we can’t say it was anywhere close to the quality of the previous seasons. Sure there were plenty of great moments, but what does it say about a show when the internet went wild over a conspiracy theory (which never materialised) rather than what was actually happening on the show?

3) Frances Ha Is Brilliant

Frances Ha was absolutely excellent. The film which was co-written and starred Greta Gerwig was absolutely charming so it’s great to see Greta get nominated in the Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) category.

4) So Is Sally Hawkins

Cate Blanchett was rightly praised for her performance as the chemically imbalanced Jasmine in Blue Jasmine, however Sally Hawkins' performance as her adopted sister was naturalistic and effortlessly believable.

5) Anna Gunn, Where Are You?

Breaking Bad’s Skylar was ignored in the Best Actress In A TV Series in favour of some predictables like Kerry Washington in Scandal and Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife. But frankly if the toss up was between Anna Gunn and Orange Is The New Black’s Taylor Schilling, we'd pick Piper.


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