The 8 Best Musical Moments of 2013 From Beyonce's Album To Miley's Twerking

24 December 2013 by

You know who loved 2013? Robin Thicke. It was the year that took him from relative unknown to 'the guy Miley twerked on,' and the guy who danced around with scantily clad hotties and Pharrell Williams in the video for booty shaker Blurred Lines. But a lot else happened these past 12 months, dontcha know? So thank us later and refresh your memories with our round up of the best (in no particular order) musical moments of 2013. Disclaimer: when we say best, we don't actually mean best, rather, these are the things worth revisiting. Some were awful (we still can't quite scrub our minds clean of the image of Miley Cyrus getting all hot and bothered with that sledge hammer), while some were awesome, but all made the pop culture landscape a livelier place to be...

1) Miley Cyrus' transformation

Miley Cyrus twerked so hard she nearly broke the internet. No joke. In 2013 we saw more of Miley Cyrus than we ever would have imagined, largely thanks to THAT Terry Richardson directed music video, which saw the naked former Disney star straddling a wrecking ball getting all kinds of emosh and seemingly getting it on with a sledge hammer. Nice one Miles! But all that came after Twerk-gate, where Miley twerked all over Robin Thicke, foam finger and lolling tongue contributing to making the performance one of the most WHAT THE **** of the year. 

2) The return of Daft Punk

Well, they do say quality over quantity, right? It had been eight (!) years since the world had last heard from house duo Daft Punk, but boy did they ensure that when they came back it would be impossible for them to ever slip anyone's mind ever, ever again. The Pharrell assisted 'Get Lucky' nestled safely in the top 10 in 32 countries and was undeniably anthem of the summer, if not the year. 

3) N'Sync reunite at the MTV VMAs


As if the return of  Mr. Justin Timberlake himself wasn't enough to get anyone with some estrogen (or blood cells, for that matter) ridiculously excited, JT reverted us all to pre-teens foaming at the mouth for N'Sync, when the former band mates reunited for one night only on the VMA stage and it was just like old times. Okay, okay, it was nothing like old times. But it was still awesome. 

4) Everyone did the Harlem Shake

While 2012 may have been all about the 'Gangnam Style', or the 'One Pound Fish' song (which almost made it to Christmas number one), this year one of the biggest viral sensations was the 'Harlem Shake', which saw people from all over the world uploading upwards of 4,000 videos a day at one point of themselves convulsing along to Bauer's song of the same name. Just like with many of the other things that go viral, we have no explanation other than - why not? If any aliens have been observing earth from outer space this year, this is one of the many things we apologise for. 

5) Miguel drop kicked a fan in the head

Oops!! Miguel got a little overexcited, and almost knocked someone out in the process. During the Billboard Music Awards Miguel had air sex on stage. All in a day's work for the RnB star. BUT then, he proceeded to dropkick a fan in the head. Yikes! Note to everyone: If you go to a Miguel concert, be prepared for ANYTHING!

6) Kanye West went bonkers

It's nothing particularly new, after all it was all the way back in 2009 when Kanye took it upon himself to challenge Taylor Swift's win for Best Music Video with an outburst that made all, including President Barack Obama, label him a 'jackass', but he really took the cake for it this year. The hip hop mogul dissed everyone from Nike to Louis Vuitton, calling on his fans to boycott the French label, before going on to compare his newborn daughter North to British royalty. We put together some of our fave Kanye-isms in case you weren't in the loop. The Yeezus superstar also recently released a video which saw his baby mama and reality TV superstar future wife Kim Kardashian in all her bouncing glory, sat topless on a motorbike where they proceeded to simulate the steps they took to create baby Nori. Well, that's what it looked like, anyway. Thanks for that, Ye. 

7) All that 'Blurred Lines' controversy

2013 was the year that took Robin Thicke from relative unknown to international superstar status, but the transformation wasn't without its fair share of controversy. The song was EVERYWHERE! Everywhere. Is that gum on the bottom of your shoe? No. It's Blurred Lines. Its world domination no doubt assisted by a video, which featured arguably some of the best looking women in the world. 

8) Beyonce reclaims her throne

Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime performance was so good that the Super Bowl couldn't pull itself together afterward. Literally. There was a blackout. But can you blame the stadium? Faced with a bootylicious Beyonce who was joined by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for a Destiny's Child reunion, it would have been rude of the stadium to continue on its merry way like something perfect didn't just happen. And then we didn't hear too much.

There was a documentary giving a never before seen peek into B's psyche, pictures taken across the world featuring her, hubby Jay Z and their adorbs baby daughter Blue Ivy teased on her Tumblr... but let's not forget, she was on a WORLD tour. So no one could have expected what was to come. Because BAM. On Friday 13 December, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter surprised the internet. 1.2m tweets in 12 hours. 527,210 Instagram Likes. A No.1 album the world over, releasing 14 songs and 17 videos of utter perfection. They say we've all got the same 24 hours in a day, but surely Beyonce MUST have more. 

Here's to whatever 2014 will bring!


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