6 Questions For Juno Temple, Winner Of The EE Rising Star Award At The BAFTA Awards

11 February 2013 by

We love Juno Temple. When the 23-year-old actress won the EE Rising Star award at the BAFTA Awards last night she could not have been more gracious. She looked visibly shocked as she accepted her award after navigating the stairs to the stage in some ridiculously high heels. We caught up with her shortly after for a chat…

Grazia Daily: How does it feel to have won the EE BAFTA Rising Star Award?
Juno Temple: Oh man, I’m in shock to be completely honest I genuinely was not expecting that [to win], I’m glad I wrote something down because I would have gone up there and I think my voice would have failed me. It’s an amazing honour and I can’t believe it’s just happened. The fact that there are people out there who really like what I’m doing and the choices I’ve made it’s just enormous. And I get to be with that group of people who I look up to and I respect enormously, just being in this room is… I’m still shaking!

Grazia Daily: You mentioned your family in your speech have they been supportive?
Juno Temple: Unbelievably so, my Mum and one of my brothers – unfortunately my Dad and my other brother are out of the country – are sitting in my hotel room right now, waiting for me and drinking champagne.

Grazia Daily: Would you have thought that you would win a BAFTA at your age?
Juno Temple: No, not at all. I never expected anything like this, it’s such an honour it’s about the work. It’s the honour to have your work looked at and recognised by BAFTA but I just hope it leads to more interesting roles that just keep coming my way.

Grazia Daily: Is there anyone here that you would like to work with?
Juno Temple: Quentin Tarentino for sure, definitely. I’d happily work with anyone in there, they’re all people who are just working really hard and making a difference artistically, they make me weep, make me laugh. They blow my mind.

Grazia Daily: You’re going to be in Maleficent, what was it like working with Angelina?
Juno Temple: You know the funny thing about that is that I didn’t actually have any filming with her, I did it all with giant Styrofoam versions of her. I had an amazing time working with Imelda Staunton and Lesley Manville – they were some of the funnest [sic] women I’ve ever worked with in my life. They are so good at tapping into their inner evil it’s out of control. I think it will come out in 2014.

Grazia Daily:  Finally, where are you going to put your award?
Juno Temple: It’s going to go on my mantel piece where I have an amazing collection of objects, I have a glass orb and a kaleidoscope and a great pair of stripper shoes that were made for me – it’s a good shelf in my living room – so I’ll probably put it there.


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