We Chat Glastonbury With Radio 1 DJ Greg James

12 June 2013 by

Greg James

With Glastonbury nearly upon us we chat festivals with BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James who will be presenting live from the Somerset fields this year. With the iconic music event only three weeks away we wanted his advice on who to see and how to survive...

GraziaDaily: What are you most looking forward to about Glastonbury?

Greg: I’m just looking forward to it actually happening this year [The festival didn’t take place in 2012] as I feel like a lot of people missed it last year. We had the Olympics sort of distract us but there were a  lot of people sort of going ‘Oh, where’s Glastonbury?’. It’s nice to have it back. It’s a weird weekend like nothing else, they just create this wonderful world where nothing really matters apart from just watching some amazing stuff and seeing some amazing things and getting completely hammered.

Is there anything you are nervous about?

Greg: I’ll be nervous if we get to interview The Rolling Stones, because they’re so famous that they’re almost mythological and to be face to face with them I just wouldn’t feel worthy. I can’t think of a question to ask them, I think that’s one of the most difficult things, what’s the first thing you say to them? I don’t know, maybe it’s best that I just watch them.

GraziaDaily: Who do you recommend we go and check out?

Greg: I think the John Peel tent always has the Glastonbury moments that people remember, it seems to be a right of passage for new bands or upcoming bands. I remember a few years ago Mumford and Sons the John Peel stage and that really set them off flying. The bands to watch out for this year are probably Bastille, Everything Everything and I think Jessie Ware will also have that Glastonbury moment. I think it will be interesting to see what Mumford and Sons do on the Pyramid stage, that is huge pressure and I know that they’re really nervous about it as you would be I suppose.

GraziaDaily: What was your first ever Glastonbury experience?

Greg: My first ever Glastonbury was actually with Radio 1. I was 21-years-old and they wanted someone to go and experience a festival for the first time and do a diary of it on the radio. So I lived it properly but I had a microphone with me, we stayed in a tent on the main campsite and didn’t wash. In the back of my head though I always though I’ve got to do the radio in two hours so I couldn’t be too drunk.

The year after I went with my friends and did it properly, I think it was the year Muse was on and I lit my first Chinese lantern and I felt like a proper hippie.

GraziaDaily: Aside from Glastonbury will you be going to any other festivals?

Greg: I’m going to try my best I would like to go to Lattitude and Wilderness. Wilderness is meant to be really chilled and Lattitude has an incredible line up – it’s the line up I would choose if I could. They’ve also got a really good comedy tent as well, it's not just about the music.

GraziaDaily: What’s your festival style, do you get down in the mud or do you shower everyday?

Greg: If I’m in it I’ll go for it and feel disgusting. I will get involved but I will be looking forward to that shower on the Monday morning.

GraziaDaily: If you could take three things to a festival what would they be?

Greg: I would take, lots of pants – multiple pants. I would also plan my escape route really well for the Monday. I’d work out what I was willing to miss and how I was going to miss it, that’s the one thing everyone always forgets about festivals – they don’t think about getting home and sometimes that is an absolute vibe killer. Then I’d also take a security headset, last time I went I had a mate who had one on and we managed to blag our way to the side of the stage because everyone thought we were security. It was for Coldplay and we were stood next to Gywneth Paltrow and Lucy Lui, it was insande.

GraziaDaily: What’s your festival tipple of choice?

Greg: If it’s Glastonbury, it has to be a cider. Then come evening time – whatever you can lay your hands. Boxes of wine can double up as a pillow.

GraziaDaily: What’s the biggest festival fashion faux pas anyone can commit?

Greg: If it’s raining and cold girls don’t tend to worry and they wear those shorts where you can see your bum. Or being too worried about it because you’ll just look a mess for the whole nice, you need to strike a balance between looking nice and being practical. Fancy dress isn’t the best idea either, because it’s funny on the Wednesday but my the Monday you just look a bit of a mess.



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