WATCH The Homeland, Season 3 Trailer: 5 Things We’ve Learned

24 August 2013 by

Carrie's inner turmoil- the latest teaser has seriously upped the Homeland ante...

Moody, haunting, cryptic- everything a Homeland teaser should be. Except that it’s left us feeling, well, a little unnerved to say the least, and teamed with this monsoon-esque weather, we’re now feeling a little bit on edge. While the previous 2 trailers just got us all excited about the next series (coming to Channel 4 in October), this new 3rd teaser, released only yesterday, has upped the anticipation-ante to a whole new level. Prepare for some serious goosebumps, Homeland fans.

What’s more, Damian Lewis (aka, Brody) recently told the Huffington Post “I think Season 3 is even more hard-boiled and dark and grown-up than Season 1 or 2. Those first two episodes, it really explores the mental health of the characters- not just Carrie. It starts in a very dark place… and it’s got a very unforgiving, darker shade to it.”

Over the past 2 seasons, we’ve become so used to seeing these 3 characters as part of a team- Saul and Carrie, Carrie and Brody- although the forecast looks pretty grim for the next chapter as it appears our 3 friends might be left fending for themselves. So, what have we learnt from the new, eerie teaser?

1. We Still Don’t Know Where Brody Is- the trailer sees Carrie and Brody apparently reunited, only to reveal that the pair remain torn apart. Brody is still on the run, it seems…

2. And is using a hoodie to cover himself up whilst on the run- at one point, Brody pushes back his hood to reveal his newly shaved head. We wonder what inspired this change?

3. Saul has a new role in the CIA- a scene in the trailer shows Saul settling into his new role.

4. Carrie feels isolated- alone and confined in an interrogation room? Things aren’t looking so good for our leading lady…

5. Is there a clue in the song? The trailer is set to the anything-but-uplifting tones of Adele’s cover of The Cure’s Love Song.

What do you think? Watch the full trailer here…



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