Orlando Bloom Tries To Punch Justin Bieber In Ibiza And Our Favourite Celebrity Fights Ev-ah

30 July 2014 by


In what can only be described as some of the funniest news of this year it has been revealed that last night Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber in Ibiza. Aka, a 37 year old man tried to punch a 20 year old man (we feel a bit weird calling Justin Bieber a man).

The altercation reportedly took place after Justin greeted Orlando by saying, ‘What’s up b*tch,’ shortly before making some comments about the actor’s ex Mrs Miranda Kerr. It’s previously been rumoured that Justin and Miranda have had a bit of a flirtation so it’s little wonder that Orlando got annoyed… but seriously? Punching him?

Anyway, Mr Bloom apparently took a swing at Justin but missed because Justin ducked. Awkward. Justin then posted a picture of Miranda to his Instagram which he later deleted. Orlando himself has previously been linked Justin’s ex (they’re broken up again right now, aren’t they?) Selena Gomez. They were spotted together in April in LA. What a tangled web eh?

Justin and Orlando aren’t the first celebs to let their fists do the talking though. He’s our top five celebrity fights…

1.Shia LaBeouf and the man who tried to steal his hat


One of the most tragic celebrity fights that has ever happened was actually between Shia LaBeouf and a regular person. Shia, who is known for being a little bit angsty (weird) headbutted some bloke in New Cross after he tried to steal his hat in a pub.

2. Chris Brown and Drake


Things came to a head between Rihanna’s love rivals Chris Brown and Drake in June 2012 when a brawl broke out between their crews. The fight apparently started when Chris Brown sent a bottle of champagne over to Drake with a note about Rihanna on it. How high school.

3. Victoria Beckham and Katie Price

Whilst things didn’t get physical between Victoria Beckham and Katie Price they did once have a run in when VB sang, ‘Who Let The Dogs Out,’ at Katie at a party once. Luckily the Pricey is pretty forgiving and recently admitted she has no hard feelings towards VB.

4. Cheryl Cole and Julien MacDonald


They used to be close pals but in 2012 Cheryl Cole and Julien MacDonald had a bit of a falling out. After Julien said that he thought Cheryl’s once red hair had looked terrible, Cheryl fumed, ‘I am never working with that man again.’

5. Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow


Possibly one of our favourite celebrity stories of ALL TIME is that in 2012, Gwyneth and Kate were both holidaying in Mexico with Phillip Green when Kate spotted Gwynnie going for a run along the beach. Kate reportedly mocked Gwyneth shouting, ‘Why don’t you eat some crisps?’ at her. Gwyneth later denied the story. LOL.


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