WATCH Lizzie Caplan's Hilarious Fashion Film - And Learn 7 Ways To Be A Hipster

07 February 2013 by

We've always thought Lizzie Caplan was kind of amazing, and now we love her even more thanks to her latest project - a hipster parody film - which gave us some much needed lolz this morning. The two minute video, called 'Fashion Film', is to promote Viva Vena, a line by US designers Viva Cava. Caplan, star of Mean Girls, Bachelorette and New Girl - plays a floral headdress wearing, collage-making, ribbon twirling, obscure band loving kook. ‘When I’m alone, I like to pretend I’m in a movie…the kind of movie I don’t understand,’ she says. ‘Sometime I think to myself in French.’ You get the picture (heavily filtered and Instagrammed, obviously). Watch the video above, then follow our guide on what you need to be a hipster, Lizzie Caplan style...

Components of a hipster - what you'll need

1. A record player

And old records, from the 60s. Because they’re way more authentic.

2. Tippex

Because hipsters do their writing (‘I’m writing a lot right now’) on a vintage typewriter they bought off ebay.

3. Some badges

Of that band your friend got you on the guestlist for.

4. A ukulele

For your own band. Which you’re definitely starting. Soon. With a friend.

5. Rollerskates

They’ll look great through the Nashville filter on Instagram.

6. A battered copy of Patti Smith’s Just Kids memoir

Half open, on the bedstand...just in case that fit guitarist you like stays over.

7. A close circle of girlfriends

They're so inspiring. And successful. You even let them DJ with you sometimes. And take Instagram pictures of you.

WATCH Lizzie Caplan's Hilarious Fashion Film - And Learn How To Be A Hipster



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